Live “BrainTech” Demo at 6 P.M. ET

Elon Musk just became the fourth richest man in the world.

At nearly $85 billion, Musk’s fortune is greater than the GDP of 123 countries… and he now trails only Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg in net worth.

Yet Musk’s ascension up the wealth ladder is secondary to what’s coming later today.

See, Musk is preparing to take center stage in a few hours.

At 6:00 p.m. ET, Musk’s most secretive company, Neuralink, will perform a live demo of its groundbreaking “BrainTech” science.

Through the development of Neuralink’s proprietary N1 chip, Musk is innovating a medical device — surgically implanted behind the ear — that can stimulate electrodes in the brain when called upon to do so.

Put simply, the N1 chip connect minds to machines, and could radically improve the lives of people suffering from debilitating neurological conditions.

Imagine a world free of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

Neuralink is Musk’s effort to create such a world.

“Once implanted into the brain, it [the N1 chip] promises to cure virtually all neurological disorders and to restore humans to full health. In addition to curing many diseases that impact the brain, the device also aims to improve memory and other brain functions,” says a prominent neurologist.

With that in mind, it’s a thrilling day for us who work in the technology sector, and I want to share my own personal excitement.

At the end of this article, I’ll show you how to watch Neuralink’s live event.

To truly enjoy the event, however, it’d be helpful to understand how we got here… so here’s a quick review of Neuralink’s evolution.

Neuralink: Timeline of Events…

July 2016: Neuralink is founded in San Francisco by Elon Musk and a consortium of other investors to develop brain-machine interfaces (BMI) — nano implants that connect the brain with an external device — to help patients suffering from neurological ailments like Parkinson’s disease or quadriplegia. Neuralink’s valuation is estimated at $20 million.

August 2017: Neuralink completes its first round of venture capital (VC) funding in the amount of $107 million from undisclosed investors. Neuralink’s valuation grows to $127 million.

September 2018: During a discussion about Neuralink on the Joe Rogan podcast, Musk asserts that our smartphones have already made humans smarter, saying, “Your phone can remember videos [and] pictures perfectly. Your phone is already an extension of you. You’re already a cyborg. Most people don’t realize you’re already a cyborg. It’s just that the data rate… it’s slow, very slow. It’s like a tiny straw of information flow between your biological self and your digital self. We need to make that tiny straw like a giant river, a huge, high-bandwidth interface.”

June 2019: Neuralink completes its second round of venture capital (VC) funding in the amount of $51 million primarily from four investors — Dreamers VC, Craft Ventures, Valor Equity Partners and DFJ Growth. Neuralink’s valuation grows to $521 million.

July 2019: Neuralink holds its first public event from the California Academy of Sciences’ Morrison Planetarium, in which Musk reveals his plan to treat brain disorders with Neuralink’s N1 chip — a device implanted behind the ear that can both read the patient’s brain signals or stimulate the brain with its own signals when necessary. The N1 chip’s ultimate purpose is to connect the human mind with artificial intelligence (AI) machines that enhance brain function.

July 2020: Through his Twitter account, Musk announces a forthcoming “progress update,” alongside Neuralink’s mission statement — “if you can’t beat em, join em.” The mission statement refers to Musk’s belief that AI could overtake humanity if preventative steps aren’t taken. “With a high-bandwidth BMI, we can actually go along for the ride, and we can have the option of merging with AI,” said Musk.

Today at 6 P.M. ET: We’re expecting a live demo of “neurons firing in real-time,” according to Musk. I’m also hoping that Musk will address an earlier claim that human trials of the N1 chip will commence by the end of the year.

I vow to report back next week with a full analysis of Neuralink’s event, as the investment implications and opportunities could be epic.

We’ll know a lot more in a few hours.

If you’re free, I highly recommended checking out the livestream at 6 P.M. ET.

Onward and upward,


Robert Williams

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