ALLEGED LEAK: The iPhone 12’s Secret Sauce

There’s a new video leak of Apple’s alleged iPhone 12.

The grainy 15-second video reportedly shows a preproduction model of the iPhone 12. But we’re just days away from seeing the real thing…

Here’s what it looks like:

Source: Sparrows News

The grainy 15-second video reportedly shows a preproduction model of the iPhone 12. But we’re just days away from seeing the real thing…

Since 2012, every new Apple iPhone model has been announced in September.

The most interesting leaks we’re seeing this week aren’t the pictures or videos – they’re the specs.

Some of them aren’t surprising.

Screen sizes, faster processors, better cameras, and even new colors have all been widely expected for a while now.

But there is one bombshell…

The latest leaks show that this will be the most expensive iPhone ever. That’s because of the pricey 5G chips that will be present in the devices. Currently, 5G chips are incredibly expensive. Apple’s cost is estimated to be around $135 per chip.

That higher price tag also primes consumers for the higher cost of even more advanced connectivity that could be making its way into iPhones down the line.

Apple’s been rumored to want to bring connectivity to your phone — wherever you might be.

And now’s looking like the perfect time to announce more details about this new tech.

Apple’s slow adoption of 5G, coupled with its recent hiring spree of satellite communications engineering talent sets the stage pretty well.

The latest iPhone 12 leak points to Apple getting consumers comfortable with the higher price tags it’ll need to charge to put chips able to transmits satellite internet in new devices, either in this generation of phones or the next.

It’s very possible that Apple announces what I’ve dubbed “Apple-Fi” at this month’s iPhone event.

If they do, expect market-moving results.

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