[Prediction] Here’s What to Expect From Battery Day

Today’s the big day!

Tesla is exptected to reveal its million-mile battery to the world.

Over the last few months the tech world’s been buzzing about Tesla’s Battery Day and what it could mean for the EV industry…

But what does that mean for battery tech? And most importantly, what does that mean for you?

To start, think about what’s stopping you from buying an electric vehicle.

Oftentimes, the first thing that comes to mind is the practicality of one.

Current EV battery models get around 200 miles per charge and the warranty only covers them for around 150,000 miles altogether.

The million-mile battery would at least solve this last issue.

Batteries account for half the price of EVs. Longer-lasting batteries would cut down cost significantly for consumers.

Plus, it could mean that long after the car has broken down, you can take out the battery and use it in your next vehicle.

That’s a game changer.

This could mean extended warranties on batteries past 15 years and increasing a car’s resale value.

Furthermore, this extension of battery life would make us one step closer to getting self-driving commercial vehicles on the roads.

Whether it be hauling deliveries across the country…

Or even just self-driving taxis.

Commercial vehicles rack up mileage much faster than personal vehicles.

It’s not uncommon for delivery drivers, for instance, to rack up 40,000 miles a year. That’s three times more than the usage of an average driver.

A million-mile battery could finally make EV a reality for the most frequent drivers…

Here’s What I’m looking for Today

Today I want to know one thing: what technology they are using in this new battery tech.

I have my own sneaking suspicions on what it could be.

But all will be revealed today at 4:30 ET.

If you want to tune in yourself, they will be livestreaming here.

For now, you can submit questions that they will address in a Q&A like they’ve done in the past.

I’m grabbing some popcorn myself in preparation. This is some exciting stuff!

To a bright future,


Ray Blanco

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