Lining Up for a Vaccine (or Not)

More of your opinions today on taking and/or investing in a COVID-19 vaccine…

“I will not be taking the vaccine,” says our first contributor today. “If it is mandatory, I will be last in line.

“However, I will be first in line to invest in a vaccine company, and I currently have a nice position in Inovio Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: INO), thanks to Ray Blanco’s recommendation.

“I am up nicely on the position and plan on holding it to see how it plays out.”

Keep an eye on INO, for sure…

Another reader says: “I would get the vaccine if my antibodies disappear. I had the COVID-19 virus; it’s no picnic. I was in an ICU for 12 days. People over 55-years of age would be foolish not to get the vaccine. Take care and stay safe.”

Thanks for writing in with your opinion, reader, and we’re happy you’re on the mend!

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Your Rundown for Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020…

No Stopping THIS Market?

On Monday, we asked readers: How’s the real estate market where you live?

“Real estate in Indianapolis?” a reader writes. ‘Multiple offers on single family homes the morning of the listing. Dozens of showings the first day. Most homes are going for well over asking price.

“People are flush with cash (nothing to blow it on) plus low interest rates… and people fear future inflation. Let alone the election!

“It’s all going into housing and cars. I have personally purchased one of each this year.”

We learned Tuesday — according to the National Association of Realtors — existing home sales continued revving up through August with the median price of an existing U.S. home now at $310,600. Insane.

And for more real estate news, mortgage applications — for the week ending Sept. 18 — increased 6.8% from the week before, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA)Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey.

And get this: the Refinance Index last week was 86% higher than the same week in 2019… despite interest rate hikes.

“Mortgage applications activity remained strong last week, even as the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage and 15-year fixed-rate mortgage increased to their highest levels since late August,” says Joel Kan, MBA’s Associate Vice President of Economic and Industry Forecasting.

Calculated Risk reports: “The average contract interest rate for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages with conforming loan balances ($510,400 or less) increased to 3.10 percent from 3.07 percent, with points increasing to 0.46 from 0.32 (including the origination fee) for 80 percent loan-to-value ratio (LTV) loans.”

So despite an uptick in interest rates, the housing market is still going strong into the fall. So write in if you’re thinking about capitalizing on the run-up in real estate. Selling? Buying? Let us know.

Market Rundown for Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020

S&P 500 futures are down 12 points to 3,300.

Oil’s barely budged at $39.92 for a barrel of WTI.

Gold is floundering — down 1.6% to $1,877.50 per ounce.

Bitcoin is down $40.25 to $10,477.25

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Aaron Gentzler

Aaron Gentzler

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The DC Waffle…

So the surge yesterday is being credited to the ongoing ‘talks’ between Dems and Reps over the 5th relief package meant to support the economy… Now both sides remain at odds ($1 tril vs. $3 tril) – much of it around the additional $600/week supplement (on top of the basic $400/week) that is supposed to assist out of work families during this crisis – or do they provide direct aid to the states – that have been slammed by the pandemic.

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