Bidding War

“I would absolutely take the vaccine after a personal due diligence,” says our first contributor today, “using both my background in health care and government senior administration.”

As for the real estate market where you live, a reader says: “I live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains — but nowhere near the ski resorts or big cities.

“The real estate market is hot. Super hot. Almost nuclear hot. If a house is listed in the low $200 to $300,000 range, it’s gone in 6 days to 2 weeks.  All the builders are booked out through 2021; some of the Amish builders are booked through summer 2022.

“More expensive homes and properties aren’t really selling. It seems the demographics are — if you can get out of the cities and into the mountains — it’s a good thing. But the wealthy, who can afford a $500k or above home, aren’t moving.”

Again, if you’re considering buying, selling or making a move to another state, we’d like to hear from you. What’s your plan… and why?

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Your Rundown for Friday, Sept. 25, 2020…

Tesla’s Long-Term Goals

So Elon Musk hosted Tesla’s Battery Day on Tuesday, an event for virtual or drive-in shareholders where he announced “a surprising amount of information about projects the company has kept under wraps,” according to an article at Ars Technica.


“The presentation described changes and improvements to just about every aspect of its battery packs, with big-picture implications for the claim that a $25,000 Tesla vehicle would be possible in about three years.”

As for the battery pack itself, Tesla introduced a “tabless” design “that reduces some of the structural supports, which means more cells in less volume.” Ars Technica notes: “it probably carries some cost benefits at the vehicle level, as well.”

Tesla indicated it wants to produce three different types of battery packs, ranging from the more economical version (think a $25,000 model) all the way to the most powerful that would charge a Tesla semi-tractor trailer.

Per the “guts” of the batteries, “Tesla says it has developed two new chemistries that appear to be cobalt-free,” starting with “high-nickel” cathode chemistry and — on the less-expensive side — “a new nickel-manganese cathode.”

Cheaper, more efficient batteries… plus an EV that rivals the price of the most popular U.S. models? Tesla — and Musk — are taking the long view.

Market Rundown for Friday, Sept. 25, 2020

S&P 500 futures are down 9 points to 3,230.

Oil’s lost 1% to $39.91 for a barrel of WTI.

Gold is down $13.90 to $1,863.00 per ounce.

Bitcoin’s slumped 1.2% to $10,615.46.

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Have a great first weekend of fall… enjoy it!

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