AI Helped Write This Email!

Are robots coming for your job? Or could artificial intelligence (AI) be one of the biggest investing opportunities of the next decade?

Maybe both?

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that it had exclusively licensed GPT-3, the super-advanced artificial intelligence model created by Elon Musk-backed firm OpenAI. This is a technology so sophisticated that OpenAI refused to release its predecessor because they were worried that it could be dangerous in the wrong hands…

Now they’re handing the keys to the kingdom to Microsoft.

Back in November, OpenAI deemed the previous version of this artificial intelligence safe enough to be released for research.

So I grabbed it and loaded it on a beefed-up workstation here in the trading lab…

To give you some clue at what this new AI tech is capable of, I figured I’d have that previous version of this AI system write today’s Technology Profits Daily email.

Here’s GPT-2’s attempt at describing the current state of artificial intelligence:

A few years ago, the only AI programs we’d hear anything about were the ones that were capable of teaching themselves language with very little programming, but now this is not the case.

Today, AI programs, which are called Deep Learning, can be used to create speech, recognize objects and other images, perform actions and even make decisions. The most interesting thing about Deep Learning is that its algorithms are able to understand and use the relationships between words, objects, pictures and actions for themselves and do it with very little human help, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive.

GPT-2 can also opine about investing in this market…

Analysts and investors were quick to note that Wall Street was on a different trajectory Wednesday after the first presidential debate. A decline in oil and gasoline prices is driving the economy and Wall Street higher, and the Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged for a 17th straight week.

And even last night’s debate!:

“This was by far the most bizarre and emotional presidential debate I have ever seen,” said Chief Investment Officer [NAME REDACTED]. “We saw the most aggressive attacks and the most shocking statements, but I think the biggest surprises of all may have been the lack of energy of both candidates and the lack of any meaningful policy responses that would move [economic] expectations up one way or the other.”

(I removed the name in this one because GPT-2 made up a quote and put a real expert’s name on it!)

I just want to stress that these aren’t pre-canned responses to some prompt. The paragraphs above were truly created from whole cloth by the silicon sitting on my desk in the lab.

Pretty incredible! And the GPT-3 AI tech that Microsoft just secured is an order of magnitude more advanced.

There are big commercial implications here.

A common misconception is that we need fully intelligent, self-aware AI systems before investors can make money with them. That’s simply not true.

Some of the biggest value unlocks in the years ahead will come from leveraging AI to do very specific, narrowly defined tasks…

Stocking shelves. Driving your car. Handling customer service requests.

Stay tuned — I’ll be sharing some ways to invest in this space in future issues.



Jonas Elmerraji, CMT

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