5 Tech Trends You Need to Know

There are a lot of breakthrough technologies on the cusp of revolutionizing their field.

And I’ve had my eye on several sectors that look to have the biggest potential.

Here is what I have my eye on this week…

Big Auto’s EV Dilemma

Tesla impressed us recently with their claims to make a cheaper, better battery for their cars, with Musk gloating that they will have a $25,000 car available in the near future.

Now, with Tesla far ahead of the pack and the electric vehicle industry expected to grow hundreds of billions of dollars in the next couple years…

Other automakers are rushing to get their product out on the markets.

They face a dilemma, though…

Do they make their own battery or do they buy it from someone else?

2. Welcome to Jurassic Park

Works of fiction and sci fi seem more like reality every day…

Take Jurassic Park, for instance.

In the book/movie scientists extract dinosaur DNA from a petrified mosquito stuck in amber.

Then they proceed to use that DNA to clone a bunch of dinosaurs and deadly events ensue.

The whole premise seems a bit far-fetched…

But what scientists did just last week makes this scenario closer to being a reality.

3. Global High-Speed Internet Coming Soon

Bharti Airtel and the British government have successfully purchased OneWeb — a company with the dream to provide global internet via low-Earth-orbiting satellites.

A combined 350 million people could receive high-speed internet brought directly from satellites in the sky.

No cell towers necessary.

And they aren’t the only ones looking to bring internet to their customers and constituents…

In fact, there’s one company out there that could change the game altogether.

Click here to find out more.

4. COVID-19 Update

There are a lot of conversations among the White House, pharmaceutical companies and the CDC surrounding COVID-19. Because of this, it can be difficult to sort through everything that’s being said.

Last week, I sat down with my publisher to discuss the prospects of a COVID-19 vaccine: who’s moving the fastest, who has the best science and when we can expect it.

Click here to watch that video.

5. 3D-Printing a Moon Base

Ten years ago 3D printing made waves across the nation. But no one really thought much of it besides it being a cool way to print your favorite little figurine.

Since then, the technology has been used for things as grand as creating human tissue and mass-producing necessary medical equipment.

Now scientists want to use the technology to do something even greater: building bases on the moon and Mars.

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Ray Blanco

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