Voting: “Severely Compromised”

We return to the question we asked readers about confidence in the voting system. Our first expert says:

“I served as an election judge for 16 years, then as a poll watcher, totalling 20 years.

“I live in a populous Democrat-controlled county. I am telling you, my county is corrupt to the bone, and our election counts are severely compromised. There is little resistance to this. Go figure.

“My advice? Vote as late as you can, as close to election day as possible, preferably on election day.

“Electronic election systems are totally worthless… Some now print ballots, and that is good.  Only paper ballots should be counted, with very close bi-partison supervision… which is nearly impossible.”

Our next contributor says: “Yes, the election may be a mess.

“The MSM continues to make a joke of concerns (re: accuracy of voter rolls), while ignoring examples such as when Judicial Watch successfully sued Los Angeles County to clean up their voter rolls, numbering 1.5M (that’s M for million) fraudulent registered voters.”

On Monday, we’ll have more of your opinions on voting…

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Closer to Home: Another Debt Domino On-Edge?

In response to Wednesday’s Rundown about Zambia (and China), a reader writes…

“China has been focused on global domination throughout its history, and that has not changed. And Africa is an easy mark, because of poverty and extreme debt.

“Since the 1930s, when the U.S. initiated a policy of indebtedness, the rest of the world followed. It won’t end well. If a country cannot pay its debts, it becomes extremely vulnerable to domination by another country.

“China will probably be that country; consider for years China has been aggressively building
up an unbelievable amount of gold.

“And the last time I heard any figures, China’s holding more than $3-trillion dollars of U.S. debt. To make matters worse, the U.S. is essentially defenseless.

“Remember when Ron Paul was in the House? He tried unsuccessfully to get the Federal government to audit its gold holdings (probably because there isn’t much there).

“Also, don’t think the U.S. can’t go the way of Zambia. The last figure I read on the national debt was equal to $160,000 per American, and that was before the coronavirus. Now it’s probably well over $200,000…

“I believe we are going into a depression which could last for years, or even decades. In 1873, this country went into a depression that lasted for two decades, owing to the Civil War.

“We might be going into the same kind of situation — economically and politically — that no one saw coming.”

So we ask contributors today: Do you agree the economy is on the brink of an economic depression?

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No market notes today because The Rundown is on a virtual retreat… We hope you enjoy the weekend, and we’ll have more to say Monday.

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