Advice from ‘Canadia’

“I’m sure Americans cringe when a Canadian says: ‘This is how we do it,’” today’s contributor says. “So get ready to cringe…

“In Canada, we have ‘Elections Canada,’ a non-partisan government agency. Every polling station is run the same way from coast to coast. There is no local interpretation of how it should be done.

“There are overseers at polling stations with representatives from all parties. No court filings about how one province or jurisdiction ran the count versus the other.

“When there’s a tight race with just a few votes difference, we recount. You win, you lose, you move on. But if you consistently have lawyers arbitrating your election results, then the outcome is based on which party’s lawyers argued more effectively. That hardly represents the will of the people.

“Gerrymandering is also difficult because the lines between voting districts are determined by a collaboration of sitting representatives of all parties, not the party currently in power.

“When politicians argue that change isn’t required, then the status quo is in their interest, not yours.” 

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Your Rundown for Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2020…

Think Small…

Why are FANG stocks so damn boring?

Take Apple… Just look at some of the top gains over the last five years…

  • One day: 12%
  • One week: 18%
  • One month: 34%.

Alphabet (Google) gains, over the same time period, are practically mirror images. All to say, Apple, Google — and the rest of the FANG stocks — are cornerstone companies, sure… but they’re slow-moving!

The opposite of slow-moving stocks? Since the market bottomed out in March, literally hundreds of small stocks (with market caps under $2-billion) have delivered 100%-plus gains.

Further, the iShares Russell 2000 ETF (ticker:IWM) — a proxy for small-cap stocks — is strongly outperforming FANG stocks this month. Even amidst the Dow 30,000 hype, the Russell 2000 Index is on pace for its best month ever.

The takeaway then? Small-cap stocks lead recoveries. Always have. So while there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the Dow’s milestone…

REMEMBER: diversify your stock portfolio across sectors, industries… and market caps.

Our own Robert Williams, in fact, will have more on this in the coming weeks. He’s currently in the middle of his largest research project ever, centered on a new way to identify the best small stocks.

We’ll keep you informed…

Market Rundown for Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2020

S&P 500 futures are steady at 3,630.

Oil’s up 34 cents to $45.25 for a barrel of WTI.

Gold’s in the green: up $6.30 per ounce to $1,810.90 per ounce.

Bitcoin’s steadily rising to levels not seen since 2017; the crypto’s at $19,192 this morning.

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This Thanksgiving Day might be different from past holidays, but we hope you can make some happy memories regardless. Take time to enjoy and reflect…

We’re off for the long holiday weekend, but we’ll be back Monday. Thanks, as always, for reading!

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Aaron Gentzler

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