Bull in a China Shop (Robinhood’s Rival)

“I was a pharmacist for 45 years,” says our first contributor today. “In my opinion, the Covid vaccine is essential to getting the country back to normal. For that matter, the world.

“If Moderna gets going and makes its vaccine, it should be the best on the market due to storage and handling needs. Pfizer’s need for super-cold storage is not feasible in more rural areas.

“I also worked in a grocery for my four years in high school, and my father was an AC installer and repairman. The coldest freezers in stores get to 25-degrees below zero (C). That’s cold, but Pfizer needs 70 degrees below (C).

Special compressors and gases are needed for these freezers. Meaning, very expensive. Too expensive for most hospitals and pharmacies.

“I’d choose Moderna for transport and storage needs,” he concludes.

Another reader’s playing the long game: “By the time any vaccine is ‘generally available,’ about 10 million first responders and ‘at risk’ individuals in nursing homes will have been vaccinated.

“Any adverse effects will have plenty of time to be revealed before it’s my turn.”

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Your Rundown for Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2020…

Chinese App… and the Elephant in the Room

“Even in a year full of surprises on Wall Street, this one stands out: A Chinese-owned brokerage has quietly built one of the fastest-growing retail trading platforms in the U.S.,” Bloomberg reports.

The trading platform Webull — the brainchild of a former Alibaba Group executive — has attracted 2 million retail users this year, representing ten-fold growth.

And the brokerage app is slowly winning over Robinhood customers with its easy-to-use interface, “paper trading” feature and navigable charts.

But… security?

At a time when U.S. relations with China are strained (to put it mildly), will customers leave Robinhood or other discount brokerages en masse for a product the government might block in the near term? (We’re reminded of the TikTok flap.)

“[Webull] goes out of its way to emphasize its U.S. links,” Bloomberg says. “It stores user data locally, is subject to the same regulations as any other U.S. brokerage, and has an office right next to a Trump building on 40 Wall Street.”

May Zhao of Zhongtai Financial International says: “Retail users focus more on whether their brokers’ trading systems and data are reliable and user-friendly.

“Political tension is a secondary concern.”

We’re not convinced…

A question for our readers: Would you — or have you — set up a Webull account?

Market Rundown for Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2020

S&P 500 futures are up 6 points to 3,708.

Oil’s up 1% to $46.02 for a barrel of West Texas Intermediate.

Gold is down $10.80 per ounce to $1,864.10.

Bitcoin is up almost $100 to $18,448.50.

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