The “Reopening Stocks” With the Biggest Potential

As we head into the end of the year, trading volume is expected to slow starting next week.

This week, however, we’ll start to see one last push as more and more positive news hits surrounding COVID-19 and opening back up the economy.

Leading the way are some forgotten names hit hard by the shutdowns. And if positioned correctly, traders stand to make a good profit as the economy reopens.

Here’s what I’m looking at this week…

1. Shaking up the Indexes

Tesla’s now ready to be added to the S&P 100…

But getting to this point has taken huge strides from all sides.

Precedent has been thrown out the window in many different ways, and this could open the gates for more unorthodox additions to the index.

But while everyone is focused on what’s going in…

It’s even more interesting to know who’s coming out.

2. Stock Market Crash Prep

Of course, despite all the good news – including the Dow officially hitting the 30,000 mark – some people are beginning to wonder just how long the good times can roll.

Now there’s reason to believe it still has plenty of room to run.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for a potential crash.

3. Crisis on the Horizon

As states receive shipments of the Pfizer vaccine, they are rushing to get them out as quickly as possible…

And it can’t come soon enough.

The economic toll on the country has been enormous.

And with January right around the corner, a new crisis could face millions of American households.

4. Investing in Pot 2.0

For the past decade, cannabis stocks were considered the sector with the biggest potential.

The theory behind it was simple: Marijuana legalization was right around the corner, so you better get in before it really took off.

Back in 2010, no states had passed recreational marijuana laws. Nowadays, there are over a dozen — making cannabis a mainstream investment option. That ship has sailed.

Now there’s one sector out there that’s taking its place with the same huge potential.

5. Small Caps Lead the Way

2020 has been defined by a bull market that couldn’t be stopped.

Despite massive shutdowns and economic turmoil, the markets continued to go up and up — buoyed by big tech names.

The smaller names got left in the dust, especially those in areas affected the most by COVID-19.

Now a vaccine’s on its way for delivery and the markets are buying back into these long-forgotten names.

And many stand to make a profit from this market action.

What has your eye this week? Drop me a line at

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco

Ray Blanco

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