Breakout Alert! Why These 3 Semiconductor Stocks Are SOARING Right Now

Today, I’ve targeted three semiconductor stocks that are breaking out right now!

A breakout is when a stock pops over a price level that’s been “pesky” in terms of resistance.

Think of it as a ceiling that the stock price can’t get past.

I love these particular stocks because when they’ve broken out of this resistance level in the past, they’ve done so with huge momentum

Breakouts are a fantastic way for you to get into a stock as it takes off to new heights.

And those are the stocks that I’m highlighting today with my three favorite semiconductor stocks.

Click the video below to get in on the action:

Over the last three months, semiconductors have soared.

And as the economy recovers, and as consumer spending continues to rise…

Consumer tech products are going to be flying off the shelves.

Semiconductors power these products and can only benefit from an economy reopening in 2021.

Again, if you haven’t already…

Click here to see my 3 favorite breakout semiconductor stocks right now!


Jonathan Rodriguez

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