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Welcome to Space Week!

Welcome to Space Week!

This week, your editors will be covering everything about investing in the space industry, and showing you the ins and outs of this wide and diverse sector.

You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of investing in space stocks…

Plus, we’ll point out several space stocks that have huge potential!

The best part is the space industry is only just heating up. It seems like every day something new and exciting is coming out in the sector.

Here’s what we have our eye on right now:

  1. Space Tech Keeps a Major Backer

Defense Secretary nominee Lloyd Austin has come out and publicly backed the advancement of space technology.

In his testimony, Austin stated, “If confirmed, I will assess the current structure to ensure the defense space enterprise is postured to advance our national security objectives most effectively.”

Pretty good news, I’d say.

If there’s anyone you want behind your tech trends, it’s the United States armed forces.

  1. The Spark That Ignited the Hype

Space stocks have been on a tear for the past few months.

And all of this was started when ARK Investment announced it would launch a new space-focused ETF.

This sent waves through the markets as space stocks got gobbled up by investors across the board.

And the hype hasn’t stopped, which makes it a perfect time to get into the sector.

  1. Starlink Breaks Another Record

Starlink over the weekend broke another record for sending the most satellites into space in one go.

The previous record of 104 was smashed over the weekend as the company sent 143 in a single rocket.

There are now over 1,000 satellites in space providing high-speed internet to residents in the northern U.S. and southern Canada.

The problem is Starlink’s parent company SpaceX is private — meaning a person like you or me can’t invest in them directly.

Recently, however, I found a way that allows an investor to profit directly from Starlink’s success.

Click here to see what I’m talking about…

  1. Not All Stories Have a Happy Ending

On the other side of the coin, we have Loon — Alphabet’s offshoot company that sought to provide internet from balloons.

At this point, with Starlink now successfully running their space internet business, Loon has fallen behind and is just not commercially viable.

It was a moonshot for Google, and it didn’t pan out to anything.

But it was a step toward solving a problem plaguing the world.

And for that I commend their efforts.

  1. One Step Closer to Space Tourism

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic just hit a huge milestone for the company last week.

Virgin Orbit, a branch that focuses on small satellite launches, successfully had its first rocket make it into orbit — a feat that had yet to be accomplished by the company.

We’re still a long way from sending civilians into space on a moonshot thrill ride…

But this breakthrough is a huge milestone for both the company and the industry.

That’s all for today.

Tomorrow, Chief Futurist Robert Williams will show you the full applications of space tech into our daily lives — and how you can potentially profit off of it.

Be on the lookout tomorrow for what he has in store for you!

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco

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