One Shortage That Could Rock the Markets…

This week, we’re tracking some major developments coming from the tech world.

From EVs to semiconductor scares to space achievements…

There’s a lot to keep tabs on.

Read below for everything I’m looking at this week…

  1. Mars Rover: A Big Success!

Last Thursday, the Mars rover Perseverance touched down in spectacular fashion on the red planet.

This kicked off a two-year mission to study the planet’s living conditions, gather samples for analysis and even bring space rock back to Earth for further study.

This mission could even prove the existence of past microbial life on the planet.

And the final moments of the descent were captured by NASA for the world to see.

  1. Musk Pokes the Sleeping Bear

If we’ve learned anything about Elon Musk over the past decade, it’s that he’s innovative, ambitious and willing to do anything to get his companies to the next level.

We’ve also learned that he can’t keep his mouth shut when it matters most — especially on Twitter.

In 2018, we saw him get in hot water with the SEC over his Tesla “Funding secured” tweet…

And just recently, he could find himself in more legal Twitter over what he’s said about Bitcoin.

  1. A Big Ally for EV Makers

The Biden administration is pushing a new bill to increase the upper limit for credits to EV car manufacturers.

The bill called the Growing Renewable Energy and Efficiency Now (GREEN) Act would increase the credit cap from 200,000 EVs to 600,000 per manufacturer.

With automakers like Ford, GM and Tesla already on board…

This could be the final push needed to bring EVs to mainstream America.

  1. The Shortage You Weren’t Aware Of…

There have been a slew of factors that have led to a global semiconductor shortage…

The increased demand, as well as foreign policy changes and outsourcing production, has made chipmakers scramble to keep up with the demand.

And while some push forward to bring the latest and greatest chips to the markets…

One company is looking backward to older models to fill the demand.

  1. More Companies Invest in Flying Taxis

Last week we told you about the possibility of flying taxis coming to a neighborhood near you.

This is not only real, but it’s a new trend that more and more companies have jumped in on.

Volkswagen released a statement saying that they would be developing a vertical-lift flying vehicle to transport passengers and goods from point to point.

A few years ago, people were raving about Amazon drones delivering packages to people’s houses.

Now we’re using that same technology to transport people.

That’s everything I am looking at this week. What did you have your eye on?

Shoot me an email at to let me know.

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