The Company That Will Fix American Health Care

Our health care system is failing.

One major thing that COVID-19 has brought to light is that the approach to delivering medical care in this country just isn’t working.

It’s expensive, yet inefficient.

It works for some, but not all.

It’s understaffed and overburdened.

Suffice it to say — if there’s a better way to meet America’s health care needs, its people are all ears.

Back in October, Robert predicted where this industry could be headed and the company that might be ready to step up to take the helm.

Now it’s beginning to do just that… officially trying its hand in one section of this lucrative market.

And if this plays out like we think it will, it has the chance to change the entire face of health care as we know it…

From Medicare to Amazon Care

Of course, the company I’m alluding to is Amazon.

And for an industry in desperate need of structure and stability, Amazon (arguably the most efficient company in history) is an easy pick to assume the role of America’s primary health care provider.

A few months ago Robert said this:

HealthTech Forecast for 2021… Prediction: Amazon will launch a comprehensive health care offering to its Prime members — codename “AmazonCare” — to directly compete against the largest health care providers in the United States.”

This prediction is well on its way to becoming our reality…

Last week, Amazon announced the launch of its virtual health program to all of its U.S. employees as an employee benefit starting this summer.

Additionally, it will also offer its telehealth services to other companies nationwide.

It isn’t Amazon’s first time in the health care space…

The tech giant already owns and operates Amazon Pharmacy, which offers free prescription delivery to Prime members.

Both programs — Amazon Care and Amazon Pharmacy — address a convenience-need that our current system just can’t size up to.

Nathan Ray, a director in the health care and life sciences practice at business and technology consulting firm West Monroe, said this, “For the telehealth and virtual care market, this will set a bar for experience and convenience. For others in the health care ecosystem, this may complement or challenge their own strategies.” ¹

Amazon Care is the company’s move into the primary care area of this market… an area severely lacking under our present health care procedures.

And as Ray says, this will set a precedent across the board. Amazon promises those that choose its care to be able to connect day or night, holidays and weekends. And it promises to be cheaper with the added convenience of any of its other next-day services.

Not only that… it gives employers another option to give employees, which means employees aren’t having to foot huge health care costs in their benefits packages.

From there, as Robert pointed out, it would be a natural progression to begin expanding primary care benefits to its Prime members (as it already allows them a great number of perks).

It looks like 2021 is the year for Amazon to upset this entire field in a big way as the company gears up to be the health care behemoth of the future.


Brittan Gibbons-O’Neill

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Brittan Gibbons-o'neill