BUY ALERT: The Crazy 60-Year-Old Story Behind a Tiny Tech Stock’s Breakout

When I ran my screen for breakout stocks this week, I nearly fell out of my chair.

I uncovered a surging stock that hit home for me.

You see, before I was a serious musician and financial analyst…

I was an avid computer programmer.

My dad, a Navy vet who earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science, got me into it when I was a kid.

And by the time I was 16, I could bend computers to my will in four languages (Visual Basic, C, C++, Java).

Twenty years later…

The computer language that my old man cut his teeth in coding is now at the center of an expensive, mad dash against time.

COBOL is a simple, yet powerful programming language that’s more than 60 years old.

And while it’s been replaced in many areas by newer, more efficient languages for modern computers…

COBOL software still powers many critical government and financial institutions’ mainframe computers.

In fact, nearly all ATM transactions are cleared using this “ancient” code.

That’s a huge problem…

Because COBOL hasn’t been taught in schools since the 1980s.

And the few computer geeks who can actually maintain this old code are dying off.

Fortunately, a tiny tech company is hard at work to modernize all this software… before it’s too late.

Today, I highlight this stock’s big breakout… and why I believe the shares have room to run.

Click the image below to get started.

On the hunt,

Jonathan Rodriguez

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Jonathan Rodriguez