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Pre-Earnings Pops! 3 Tech Stocks Break out Before Q1 Calls

Man, I love earnings season.

It’s like opening up presents on Christmas four times a year…

And you never run out of gifts!

Wanna know my secret to consistent pre-earnings profits?

It’s simple…

I find the stocks breaking out three–four weeks ahead of their earnings calls.

And the stiffer resistance a stock gave before that breakout…

The more likely you’re going to make money.

Better still, you don’t have to do anything…

I’ve already done the hard work for you!

Today, I share three tasty tech breakouts from my pre-earnings stock screen.

But you’ve got to move fast… these stocks are surging!

Click the image below to get started.

As always, I’ve included a transcript of the video below.

Video Transcript:

Hey there, it’s J-Rod here for Rich Retirement TV. And today, I’m going to show off three pre-earnings pops in the tech sector.

Earnings season kicks off here in just a few days. And the tech sector, like it or lump it, has been the whipping boy of the stock market.

But I ran a screen this week, and oh my goodness…

There are too many stocks that look great that are breaking out ahead of earnings! But I whittled my list down to my three favorites this week.

Let’s go ahead and dig right on in.

Pre-Earnings Pop #1: NCR Corp. (NCR)

The first stock on my list is NCR Corp. (NCR).

This is a financial technology company that focuses on payment solutions.

So when you swipe your card in a store or online, MCR has hardware and software that verify the transaction and help banks clear the transaction.

NCR just broke out here in a big way.

The stock’s been listing between $40 and $32 here. And just ahead of earnings, it smashes out here about $40.

They’re due to report earnings in just a couple of weeks.

This is a name that I’ve liked for a long time. I did a video on them back in 2020 in the fall. And NCR has gained more than 70% since then.

Even if we get a little bit of a pullback from where it’s holding up today around $40, you’ve still got the 50-day moving average for support as we head into earnings.

Pre-Earnings Pop #2: HP Inc. (HPQ)

The next stock on my list is another favorite of mine, HP Inc. (HPQ). And this stock is just roaring.

I last did a video on them about a month ago, but we’ve been talking about HPQ over the last six or seven months here.

HP makes computers, and you’ve got a lot of people working at home and buying new computers to beef up their home setups.

You’ve also got people that are going back into the office and upgrading their machines. And HP is just soaking up the cash.

HPQ broke out here above $26 earlier this year. And it’s had another kind of mini-breakout above $31 a share.

But in the short term, what I really like about HP goes way back in time. This is where things get exciting.

Earlier this year HP took out its monthly top that was set back in 2018. But you see here just in the last month, it has broken out above its all-time high set back in 2000.

And I expect this to continue.

The work-from-home movement still has some more steam. Vaccinations are picking up, but still a lot of people like me are working from home and upgrading their offices.

So you have a lot to love here.

HPQ reports earnings at the end of May. And the action looks great as we head into the earnings announcement.

Pre-Earnings Pop #3: McAfee Corp. (MCFE)

Last but not least is McAfee Corp. (MCFE). They’re an old name in the antivirus and computer software game for the better part of 30 years.

But they just IPO’d here at the end of 2020.

When you take a look at its chart, even though it’s only been alive as a public company for six months or so, the action looks phenomenal.

It dropped a little bit after the IPO, but it retook that level and has held the 50-day moving average.

And you see here, it smashes out above $25.

This stock could easily hit $30, if not $40 per share, as cyber threats are coming at you fast and furious.

As we’ve all been at home for the last year making online transactions, our computers have become more of a juicy target for hackers and criminals at large.

MCFE is in prime position to capture that antivirus and cybersecurity cash. It’s had big moves as we head into this earnings season.

So take a look at these three stocks if you’re looking for that pre-earnings pop.

Thanks so much for watching today’s video.

Again for Rich Retirement TV, I’m J-Rod. And I’ll see you next week!

On the hunt,

Jonathan Rodriguez

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