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America Under Attack

Over the weekend, while America’s eyes were glued on Elon Musk cracking jokes on SNL at Dogecoin’s expense…

(Dogecoin dropped over 30% overnight after that.)

We saw some major events that could rock the markets in the coming weeks and months.

There’s a lot I’m looking at this week so let’s get right into it.

17 States Hit Hard by Oil Shortage

Over the weekend, the most successful attack on U.S. infrastructure occurred as hackers shut down a major oil pipeline.

As this pipeline carries 45% of fuel supplies in the Eastern U.S., emergency declarations have been declared in 17 states from Texas up through New York.

America’s cybersecurity is at the front of everyone’s minds right now.

And we could see a bolstering of funding now that we’ve seen some major flaws in the system.

Chip Shortage Smacks Automakers

When you think of semiconductors, most people initially think that it only affects computers, gaming devices and things like that…

But nowadays, with more and more automobiles having new electronic features, the need for chips in cars is higher than ever.

And on top of all of it, with more EVs on the way, we could see a huge problem if this issue isn’t resolved…

The Never-Ending Strange Effects of COVID-19

This past year has turned the market on its head.

The real estate market is topsy-turvy with more people seeking houses out of the city…

The tech markets are booming with a continued bullish run past all-time highs…

And even niche markets like the used car business are getting affected.

With a 16% increase from last year to today, we’re seeing a huge shift in buyer preferences in the automotive industry…

New Crypto Team From an Unlikely Source

Banks have traditionally been the enemy of cryptocurrency.

That is until this past year when more and more investors, banks and investment firms started publicly announcing the ability to store Bitcoin and other cryptos through their services.

And now with the momentum continuing to grow…

We’re even seeing banks having dedicated traders in the crypto markets.

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco

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