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Trump and Biden Agree… It’s Time to Challenge China

China currently has an estimated 80% hold on an essential market.

It enables everything from missiles and wind turbines… to batteries and electric vehicles… along with medical supplies and power tools.

America used to garner some control over this space, but was flushed out by pricing maneuvers of the Chinese government.

That doesn’t mean we’ve given up… far from it, in fact.

Trump and Biden don’t agree on much. But as the former president was leaving office, he revitalized America’s fight to get back its footing in this market — a fight that Biden quickly picked up when he took over the role.

So what’s bringing together both sides of the aisle?

Rare-earth elements… tech manufacturing’s bread and butter.

Because REEs play a crucial part in not only technology at home but also in our defense, both the Trump and Biden administrations have classified the situation as a national security threat.

But with America backed in a corner, and China digging in deeper to the rare-earth elements industry, businesses here have started to get creative…

Treading Lightly

Rare-earth elements aren’t actually as rare as their name might lead you to believe.

It’s when it comes to extracting, processing and refining them that things start to get dicey.

There are several environmental concerns about the processes of obtaining REEs… so America has to tread lightly around rules and regulations that China simply doesn’t have to worry about.

But that’s flung the door wide open for innovation…

Scientists are discovering ways to obtain rare-earth metals while actually cleaning up the mess of the dirtiest fossil fuel in the world — coal.

Cleaning up Coal Ash

When coal is burned for electricity, it produces a toxic byproduct called coal ash. This burning process also leads to a high concentration of rare-earth elements in the coal ash (even more than in the coal itself).

This pollutant is stored in large surface ponds or in landfills. But because the majority of these dumping grounds are unlined, there’s nothing to keep the coal ash from seeping into and contaminating groundwater.

Instead of putting it into landfills, however, new technology developed at Purdue University will turn it into neodymium and praseodymium — two of the most sought-after REEs (used in motors, turbines and medical devices) — as well as dysprosium, which is a crucial rare-earth element for electric vehicles and defense.

Purdue has been working on this technology for years.

And the best part? An American rare earths manufacturer just acquired the exclusive rights to this invention.

The company is called American Resources Corp. (AREC) and it’s a publicly traded stock priced only around $3.

Keep in mind, this isn’t an official recommendation.

But when game-changing technologies come onto the scene… especially ones that could help bring the U.S. back into a booming market… you deserve to know about them (as well as any companies involved).

That said, AREC is looking to assert some dominance in this industry very soon, so I’d keep your eyes on it.

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco

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Ray Blanco

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