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Biotech Earnings Blow Away Expectations

Earnings season has been scorching for our breakthrough technology plays. The markets were expecting a lousy quarter for one of our positions in particular. Despite this, expectations were shattered and our portfolio’s looking up! READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: December is Off to a Strong Start

The market is red hot right now and will need to cool off and correct at some point. We have to be ready! READ MORE

What does Joey really want? Try the Chicken Breasts in a Mustard/Mascarpone Sauce

Stocks took a breather yesterday and ended the day lower as November came to a close. And this should not be a surprise… Look – let’s be honest… the recent surge up to all-time highs is a bit ahead of itself… or was a bit ahead of itself… All this talk of a vaccine – igniting the excitement as investors, algos and traders go all in, the investor psyche now firmly in place that stocks can never go down! READ MORE

Our EV Prediction Came True

: This week brings lots of news across the tech world. The biggest is news on a major disaster for an EV company. The kicker is we called this would happen back in early September… READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: Booking Big Gains on GME

We have a full plate of plays heading into this week, time to let them work. READ MORE

Can’t Stop the Bleeding (Silicon Valley IPO)

Two weeks ago, Silicon Valley company DoorDash filed with the SEC to go public under the ticker DASH sometime before the end of the year. READ MORE

Flash Sell: Take 70% Gains on Your COVID Vaccine Play!

Big news last week from one of your positions. We could quickly see a COVID-19 vaccine approved by the end of the day today. Your position’s up another 20% this morning and is continuing to climb. Take action now and book those gains! READ MORE

Cyber Monday is the Rage – Try the Pork Shank “Osso Bucco”

So – Black Friday, came and went…or did it? Sales skyrocketed… all estimates suggesting that consumers blew the roof off the house… and they did… Retail stores suffered in the sense that fewer people lined up to go ‘shopping’ (because why do they need to?)… estimates say that foot traffic fell by 48% to 52% vs last year and the WSJ runs with this headline READ MORE

VIP Tech Advantage Wrap-Up

With a short trading week, all of the action was focused on the first few days of trading. Markets are looking higher from more positive news on reopening the economy and several of your positions are looking stellar! READ MORE

Don’t Miss! This Tiny EV Company Is CRUSHING Big Tech

We have something amazing to show you today… Jonathan Rodriguez joins us today to give his take on the hottest sector out there. And shows how you can 25x your money by investing in a largely overlooked selection of stocks. READ MORE

Reader Mailbag: Vaccines are Coming

Earlier this month Apple had yet another product unveiling, which showed a major step forward with the M1 chip: a new fully in-house CPU design. This is in part thanks to a company that is in our portfolio and is a huge boost for its market share! READ MORE

Tesla’s Rally Isn’t Stopping — Here’s Why

Since the calendar flipped to January, Tesla has seen its stock price surge more than 563%. That’s an astounding feat for a mega-cap stock everybody knows about. And even more astounding, the Tesla rally probably isn’t stopping anytime soon — it can’t. READ MORE

A New Way to Supercharge Your Catalyst Gains

A new feature will be coming soon to Catalyst Trader. I anticipate many more big catalyst wins to roll in during the coming weeks and months… But I want to supercharge your gain chances! READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: Let’s Squeeze in a Holiday Play

I hope this name change more accurately reflects our mission to help you build your wealth by booking consistent trading gains every week. READ MORE

Advice from ‘Canadia’

While there’s a lot of hype surrounding the Dow’s 30,000 milestone… small-cap stocks lead recoveries. READ MORE

Happy Thanksgiving from SERINA

Many thanks to you, dear reader, for giving us the opportunity to publish this very unique research each week. READ MORE

Dow Makes History – Consider Giving Your Time… Try the Bacardi Cookies

US markets were on fire… it is BOTH Thanksgiving AND Christmas! I mean it is 2020, anything can happen, and it appears that even though the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is not happening – Santa did arrive on his sleigh! READ MORE

Apple’s New Chip Is a Huge Boost for Our Portfolio

Earlier this month Apple had yet another product unveiling, which showed a major step forward with the M1 chip: a new fully in-house CPU design. This is in part thanks to a company that is in our portfolio and is a huge boost for its market share! READ MORE

Hype Cycle Insider Alert: This Real Estate SPAC Is Closing a Huge Deal

This month, we’re doubling down on the real estate SPAC spike that spurred us to pick up shares of Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. II (NYSE: IPOB), which is set to merge with tech-centric homebuyer Opendoor, and adding another housing technology play to the mix. READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: Taking Profits (Again!) Before the Break

I think we’re set up nicely heading into the last day before Thanksgiving “break”. READ MORE