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Is The Trade War Really Winding Down?

The US and China may have reached a “trade lite” deal. But does that really hold water? After a slow Columbus Day, the market isn’t too sure on how to react. READ MORE

New Highs in Sight for These Market Leaders

Despite the bearish tone of the financial noise machine, the major averages appear poised as they continue to inch closer toward a breakout to new all-time highs. And as futures edge higher this morning, let’s check in with our open positions… READ MORE

Entrepreneur Tips: Set Yourself Apart And Get Noticed

Few dispute that being a self-starter will help you stand out. Did you know having creativity and even empathy helps just as much? Today, Kevin Harrington reveals the secrets to being a successful entrepreneur. Your Seven Figure Society alert inside... READ MORE

Investors Hold Their Breath on Earnings

Earnings reporting season is the next big hurdle for investors to watch, and the stock market’s direction is riding on the results. With this in mind, analysts data has some bad and good news for companies in the weeks ahead. Today, I’ll show you exactly how companies can outperform these estimates. READ MORE

The Pre-IPO Checklist

Avoiding investing in startups because you don’t know how to get started, or which ones to buy could result in missing out on a fortune! So how do you get started? Don’t worry, Kevin Harrington's checklist has everything you need to know READ MORE

Strong And Still Growing!

The most reliable indicator on the planet turned positive, which means our economy is solid and strong. Here’s what drove stocks higher last week… READ MORE

Flash Buy: Prices Set to Soar

On Friday we spotted call buying activity 1200% more than average over the last month. Today, they are coming buying more, which indicates they are betting that prices will soar higher in the coming days. Get in now while the market is hot! READ MORE

Flash Alert! Cash In Gains of 72%!

Mike’s Amplified system is kicking off the week strong with one profit target to aim for ASAP. With earnings and imminent trade talks, it’s shaping up to be a busy week! Here’s what to do... READ MORE

“Useful Conclusions”

A new, more affordable iPhone option is scheduled to launch the first quarter of 2020… and should be a “growth driver” for Apple. READ MORE

Here Comes Earnings Season

It’s that time of the quarter again! Investors are holding their breaths to see how the most recent developments have affected companies. And several of our recommended plays are set to announce within the coming few weeks. READ MORE

Stocks surged on Friday and surged some more as the speculation over the state of trade was building

What would we hear?  What would they announce? Was this going to be THE TRADE DEAL that we have been waiting 20 months for? Was there really going to be a breakthrough?  And adding excitement to the day was news that the UK just might be on a path of understanding with Ireland and the EU over a BREXIT deal - that still could happen by Oct 31. READ MORE

Want a Bigger Bank Account? Here’s How to Do It

There’s no silver-bullet formula to becoming wealthy. But as millionaire investor Kevin Harrington notes, there are seven traits all wealthy people have. Today we show you what they are. READ MORE

Prime Weekly Wrap-Up

The market’s followed the headlines this week, and the chaos continues....One day trade talks are breaking down and the following day the trade talks are back on. And if you’ve been following our editors’, you would be ahead of this whipsaw action. This week, they gave you all the necessary guidance for the current market, as well as some extra actionable trades that can help in these uncertain times. READ MORE

Transformative Ideas That Affect You Today

The revolution of disruptive industry has forever changed the approach to business models. It has also provided unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs. READ MORE

Flash Alert! Our Space Startup Readies for IPO Blastoff

When the rockets roar, our gains will soar! Our space startup is making big moves toward suborbital flights! Plus, sell this biotech ASAP… READ MORE

The Race to a Potential 5,000% Profit Is On!

We have a blockbuster drug in the making through a unique, super-undervalued biotech that’s looking to tap into one of the biggest health care markets out there — cardiovascular disease (CVD). There’s huge potential here… READ MORE

Update: No Flight to Quality

Normally in uncertain times like these, investors ditch the risky sectors and purchase safer investments. This is what’s known as a “flight to quality.” What we’re seeing here, however, is the last leg of a bull run, with money sloshing back and forth. This sloshing action isn’t a flight to quality and just chases the newswire. READ MORE

Uncivil War

To underscore how desperate the situation is in Venezuela, the Maduro administration entertains a madcap scheme to endrun U.S. gold sanctions. READ MORE

It’s a Deal?

Futures are surging this morning as Trump is set to meet China Vice Premier Liu He today after claiming trade talks are going really well. Are we finally seeing the light at the end of the trade war tunnel? I’m not holding my breath. But if stocks want to rally on the news, that’s fine by me. READ MORE

And so Trump does it again.

He saw that the market was getting more nervous. He saw what happened to stock futures on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning when they collapsed overnight — the Dow was down better than 300 points soon after midnight. READ MORE