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Prime Weekly Wrap-Up

This week, we launched a new service under your editor Ray Blanco! With Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Trader, Ray looks into tech’s biggest events and turns them into your next big profit opportunities. READ MORE

Why You Should Still Be Charged About Battery Day!

Today, I want to provide some context on why Battery Day was such a big deal. And why I believe it spells enormous gains for your first position. READ MORE

Bidding War

Cheaper, more efficient batteries… plus an EV that rivals the price of the most popular vehicles in the U.S.? Tesla -- and Musk -- are taking the long view. READ MORE

Our Stock Soars on Electrifying Treatment

They say you can’t stop the power of an idea whose time has come. And as it turns out, if the idea comes attached to a stock, you can’t stop it from going up either. This September, as stocks have sold off, this medical device play has been bucking the trend and just killing it. READ MORE

Patience is a Virtue – Try the Roast Sirloin

Stocks got whipsawed around yesterday… as investors/traders/algo’s consider the odds of a new stimulus package, the odds of a peaceful transition of power (if Joey wins), the odds of a fully FDA approved vaccine, the odds of an ORCL/WMT/TikTok/ByteDance deal, and the odds of a new supreme court justice before November 3rd. READ MORE

SPAC Attack! (Part 2)

SPACs have been around since the ’80s. But it’s only in the past couple months that they’ve really taken off. The question then is why are they so hot right now? Today I plan to answer that... Plus, I’ll show you how you can become your own SPAC investor. READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: Just Say “NO” to This Chop

The week after options expiration in September is seasonally bearish — we’re seeing that play out now. READ MORE

Flash Buy: Grab Shares of This Tiny Pharmaceutical Company Now

Today we’re looking at a pharmaceutical company with a lot of potential. Fibromyalgia affects millions of Americans. And this company has a promising treatment in the works… READ MORE

This Tech Trend Just Got Hotter

Electric vehicles are the talk of the town lately. Some are dominating the industry like Tesla… While others are raising red flags like Nikola Corp. And your most recent portfolio pick looks to benefit massively from their rise. READ MORE

Flash Buy: Two New Trades for Melt-Up Gains

Stocks are continuing to correct in September, but we’re picking up on a sentiment shift that’s taking place beneath the surface on a handful of big stocks. READ MORE

Battery Day Debrief: Did You Catch What Musk Said?

Yesterday, Battery Day told us a lot about the EV industry, what Tesla plans to do… And our first position. There’s a lot of updates to cover, so let’s jump right in… READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: The Market’s Getting Choppy Again

We’re seeing some constructive action out there following the sharp September correction. READ MORE

Stocks Went Up! Yahoo! – Try the Linguine Aglio e Olio

Stocks went up yesterday… Go figure! Can you believe it? After the most recent beating which took the Nasdaq down more than 14% and the S&P down 10% – leaving them both in ‘technical correction territory’ (The Dow and Russell remained just short of that 10% mark) – it appears that the selling has become just a bit exhausted – leaving opportunistic – technically driven buyers in a position to swoop in and pick up some cheap shares in names that only weeks ago were making new highs… READ MORE

An Update On Our Battery Stock, And Two More Red Hot “Battery Day” Predictions!

It’s been a wild day in the battery industry. And it’s no surprise. Today at 4:30 PM Elon Musk will take the stage at Tesla’s first ever “Battery Day” event. Today I want to give you a front row seat to the action. We’ll update our top battery stock and two more big predictions to help you navigate this red hot market. READ MORE

SPAC Attack!

SPACs are flooding into the stock market in 2020 – and that could be a great thing for you! Today, we go over what they are, where they exist and what you can do about it. READ MORE

[Prediction] Here’s What to Expect From Battery Day

Today’s the big day! Tesla is exptected to reveal its million-mile battery to the world. Over the last few months the tech world’s been buzzing about Tesla’s Battery Day and what it could mean for the EV industry… But what does that mean for battery tech? And most importantly, what does that mean for you? READ MORE

URGENT UPDATE: Your Exclusive Novonix And Battery Day Preview

Battery Day is here! And with it, our first position is off to a hot start. Today, we dive into the highly anticipated Battery Day… and what it could mean for your portfolio. READ MORE