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Prime Weekly Wrap-Up

Markets have held strong this week. And a surprisingly positive jobs report this morning means that we end the week on a high note. All while your editors were able to give you some fantastic gains. Like 60% and 50% winners in Sunrise Profits… And a whopping 500% winner in FDA Trader. READ MORE

Cash Burn

We received several opinions about the government’s war on cash, including one about how the government might use electronic payments for “contact tracing.” READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: Take 60% Profits into the Gap!

In Sunrise Profits, Greg recommends taking profits ahead of the weekend. READ MORE

Say it again, Stan!

It has now been 3 weeks since famed investor Stan Druckenmiller told the Economic Club of New York that ‘the risk-reward for equity is maybe as bad as I’ve seen it in my career’ – And since then the S&P has rallied nearly 11%! So, do us all a favor and “Say it again, Stan!” READ MORE

Cannabis Prohibition is Ending

With all the turmoil going on right now, a major health crisis has been all but nearly forgotten about — the opioid epidemic. And cannabis could be one of the keys to the cure. Which means legalization could be right around the corner… READ MORE

Here’s When the U.S. Pot Market Is Opening

Federal legalization is closer than we think. With more and more Americans supporting full legalization and more and more studies debunking misinformation, there’s a good chance we could see full legalization soon. What’s even better is your portfolio is perfectly set up for when it does happen.. READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: Grab 50% Gains on this Online Retail Play

In Sunrise Profits, Greg recommends taking profits on an open position right as the market opens. READ MORE

The Explosion Continues…

Technical Signals Send the market soaring. Yesterday we had two things happen – the S&P surged up and through another century mark – 3100. And then – the Dow also finally pierced its long term 200 day moving average and that just helped to light the fuse – as tactical money usually holds out until it gets a ‘technical signal’ and now that money can get put to work. READ MORE

[Inside] Details on Apple’s Next Big Innovation

Apple has had over 30 years of innovation. Under the guise of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, they’ve changed the world one innovation at a time. Today we take a look at the major innovations during Jobs’ tenure at Apple. And show you the next innovation on Apple’s radar… one that could hand you moonshot profits. READ MORE

Telemedicine Is Booming

Telemedicine companies are hotter than the sun. Medicare has now expanded to include telemedicine benefits. And overnight millions of eligible Americans were able to see their doctors without ever having to leave their homes. What’s even better is your portfolio is set up to take advantage of this! READ MORE

Flash Buy: This Trade’s for the Dogs

In Seven Figure Signals, Greg recommends a new e-commerce buy and shares his take on this week’s market-related tweets READ MORE

Cash. Less.

Is the government intentionally discouraging the use of cash during the pandemic? Something sinister at play? READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: Onward and Upward

In Sunrise Profits, Greg recommends cutting losses on an open position and discusses current market attitudes. READ MORE

Flash Sell! Take a 500% Profit on This COVID-19 Play Now!

Shares on one of our portfolio positions rose steadily for the first couple months of having it… Then COVID-19 hit. And with the company launching clinical trials for COVID-19 patients, our stock took off sitting over 646% by the end of April. Today we take our gains off the table. READ MORE

FOMO is Driving the Market

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out – that is what drove stocks higher yesterday… because as the lockdown restrictions ease and infection rates remain stable and Goldman Sachs screams that the market can only go higher – global investors are realizing that the worst is over – both in terms of the virus and in terms of the market’s reaction. READ MORE

Are Your Stocks Part of This Elite Group?

It’s an exclusive group. Just 28.7% of all S&P 500 stocks fall into it. And yet it could have a colossal impact on how your portfolio performs for the rest of 2020. Here’s what the market’s telling us buy today… READ MORE

Reaching for the Stars

History was made last Saturday with the first manned mission to the International Space Station (ISS) with the help of a private company. And all the while, several of your open positions are poised to benefit greatly. From rocket suppliers to satellites to space travel… There’s a lot happening across the board from many different players. So let’s jump right in. READ MORE

Major Breakthrough for Your Position

Our brain is the most important organ in the body. And its protected by a barrier that blocks substances from crossing into the brain from the bloodstream. Unfortunately, this means that certain drugs and therapies for neurodegenerative diseases can’t reach the brain. But today, we may have seen a major breakthrough to bypass this obstacle. READ MORE

The Five Coronavirus Profit Plays You Must Make Now

Congratulations. If you’re reading this… It means you’re ready to fight back against the public health disaster that’s ravaging America’s economy, stock markets, and financial system. It also means you’re ready to discover how this terrible crisis could actually be a profit catalyst that could potentially create enormous wealth for you and yours. Coronavirus, COVID-19,... READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: Grinding for Gains

In Sunrise Profits, Greg recommends a new buy and shares his thoughts on the market’s opening after a night of civil unrest. READ MORE