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Investing & Analysis Articles

Greetings from Panama…

On this Tax Day 2021, pro-tax Patriotic Millionaires will protest in New York and Washington D.C. today. And are we one step closer to UBI? READ MORE

VIP Tech Advantage Wrap-Up

Last Friday’s cyberattack and inflation have the markets reeling… But that doesn’t mean that now is the time to panic. Ray has the full scoop this week, plus a big take on what’s moving the markets. Let’s get right into it. Read below for everything that happened this week.. Monday Last Friday’s Colonial Pipeline attack... READ MORE

Pipeline Attack Points to More Cybersecurity Spending

The most recent cyberattack has left the U.S. scratching its head. So to combat this threat more money is being poured into cybersecurity. READ MORE

Is This a Relief Rally?

I don’t think tech is out of the woods yet, but we’ll have to wait and see… READ MORE

Inflation-busting Stocks You Should Own

Retirement specialist Zach Scheidt compares your retirement savings and inflation to running on a treadmill? Here’s how to get off the inflation treadmill… READ MORE

Updates on Your Eye Health and Mental Health Plays

Lots of biotech companies are reporting their first-quarter numbers this month. And with this, we’ve seen some movement in your held positions. READ MORE

The Votes Are In…

Today I want to provide you a major update on your space SPAC. The votes are in and it could mean big things for your play… READ MORE

BUY ALERT: The One Cybersecurity Stock You Need

The most recent brazen attacks are far from over, even after the critical Colonial pipeline is restored. Which means billions of dollars are about to pour into cybersecurity services… and send stocks of these companies soaring. In today's video, I deliver the goods on the most rockin' cybersecurity play on the market right now. READ MORE

Back to the Basics With This New Trade

I think we’re about as well positioned as we can be in this mess… READ MORE

Don’t Fear This Correction: 3 Stocks in Rally Mode Right Now

Stocks got another gut punch today as investors went decidedly “risk off” and sent the big market indexes tumbling 1–2%. Some say ouch — I say great! Make no mistake, it’s not fun to be in the market when stocks are getting walloped. And they’ve certainly been walloped in the last week. But we’re still... READ MORE

Apple Makes Investment in Next-Generation Glass

In 2007 at an Apple event Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iPhone: the phone that would change the course of how we use our mobile devices forever… Today, they’re taking the next step by making a huge upgrade for the device. READ MORE

All Eyes on Inflation…

The best we can do is analyze the market’s reactions and go from there. READ MORE

Tesla: Range v. Reality

We take a look at Tesla’s real-world range rather than EPA estimates. READ MORE

Trump and Biden Agree… It’s Time to Challenge China

China currently has an estimated 80% hold on an essential market. And the U.S. is looking to break up that monopoly and bring production stateside… READ MORE

They Keep Buying up Our Cannabis Recommendations

The consolidation of the cannabis industry continues apace! And our positions can only benefit. READ MORE

Hype Cycle Insider Alert: Doubling Down on Cybersecurity

Today, we’re doubling down on cybersecurity. With recent events happening last weekend it only makes sense that more money will pour into this sector. And no play is better positioned than today’s pick. READ MORE

Today is All About Survival…

Don’t be a hero — you don’t need to catch any falling knives today. READ MORE

America Under Attack

Over the weekend, while America’s eyes were glued on Elon Musk cracking jokes on SNL at Dogecoin’s expense (Dogecoin dropped over 30% overnight after that), we saw some major events that could rock the markets in the coming weeks and months. READ MORE