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A New Opportunity Following Monday’s Rally…

We’ll be looking to take quick profits on this pre-earnings trade... READ MORE

Spring Optimism Finds Its Way to the Market

Everything appears to be pushing higher today, a welcomed sight following last week's dips. READ MORE

A ‘Potfolio’ and Trouble with Coinbase

Hold onto your gold and silver -- they’re bound to bounce back. Better to be looking at it… than looking for it. READ MORE

What the Chip Shortage Means for Our Portfolio

The chip crunch has reached the White House. And with DC on the case, we can expect some interesting moves for our portfolio positions. READ MORE

Updating Apple-Fi News and Profit Chances

In this month's briefing, Ray goes over the latest updates surrounding Apple-fi and how it affects your portfolio positions. He also answers some of your most pressing questions! READ MORE

Was Thursday a “Mic Drop” Moment?

You’re probably hearing a lot of chatter about bond yields lately… READ MORE

A Reader’s Pot Portfolio

Crypto exchange Coinbase is reportedly seeking a direct listing -- instead of an initial public offering -- perhaps as soon as March. READ MORE

Swing and a Miss…

Will the herd hold over the weekend? Or is a Friday selloff in the cards? READ MORE

BREAKOUT ALERT: Why These 3 Tech Stocks SOARED During the Sell-Off

I love stock market sell-offs — and you should too! Of course, it never feels good to see red in your portfolio. But when stocks get sold off en masse by fearful investors amid a strong economic recovery… You get a rare opportunity to buy shares of great companies at incredible discounts. That’s exactly what’s... READ MORE

What “Gamestonk’s” Return Means for Our Catalysts

It’s a very good thing that regular investors are getting excited about the stock market again. If nothing else, I think that brings more eyes searching for opportunities in ignored stocks. And that should help to accelerate the path toward the catalysts we watch in this newsletter! READ MORE

Another Day, Another New Play!

Our attention remains focused squarely on the market rotation. READ MORE

Flash Sell! Sell This Stem Cell Developer as the FDA Says No

FDA trial results aren’t looking the best for one of our positions. Fortunately we’ve already taken gains on this one. Today we sell the remainder of our shares. Take action ASAP! READ MORE

How to Make the Most of Tech Profits

We can’t seem to go more than a few days without Elon Musk’s Starlink making headlines. Musk took to Twitter Monday and claimed that Starlink will offer speeds of 300 Mbps by the end of 2021. That’s a big promise. But at the rate Starlink’s sending satellites up, they may just be able to do it. READ MORE

Asking AI for Its Favorite Stocks

Can AI pick stocks? I figured we’d ask GPT-2, the much less advanced predecessor to GPT-3, what stocks we should own. Here’s what came back... READ MORE

Flash Alert: A Visit From an Old Friend…

Let’s take a look at how some of our positions handled the stock selloff. READ MORE

Flash Sell! Take a 143% Profit on This Cancer Drug Concern

One company’s stock in our portfolio ran up sharply this year in the aftermath of presentations at cancer science events last year. Today we’re selling our remaining shares for a big profit! READ MORE

GameStop: Thank you, Next…

“Cannabis names soared in the middle of February,” Ray Blanco says, “handing over quick double-digit gains.” READ MORE

We’re Picking a Strong Play Today

Even if we do see a little recovery today, I suspect the tech stocks will need to see some more chop before breaking out again. READ MORE

Mars Rover Reveals Profit Opportunities

Perseverance might not be able to get all of our children back in school sooner or erase the damage left behind by Texas’ grid failure… But the downstream effect of the rover’s innovation will pay off in the long run. READ MORE