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Flash Sell: Small Companies and COVID-19

While COVID-19 has exposed a lot of positive news for some biotech and tech companies… others aren’t fairing so well. Today, we dive in and see what sectors have been hit the hardest and which ones are staying on top. READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: A Welcome Change of Pace

In Sunrise Profits, Greg discusses his thoughts on the market right as it opens. Plus, he shares two new recommendations. READ MORE

Stocks Rallied Again on Monday

Monday saw the market up again as federal and state governments react to the virus. Meanwhile, the Saudis and Russians fight over oil, dropping the price. READ MORE

I Was Wrong

Last month, we talked about the grocery stores. And how a new wave of technology will revolutionize how we buy items. I then stated that “deliverable groceries are dead.” And I’ll admit it: I was wrong. But it took a global pandemic to show me how wrong I was. READ MORE

Important Update on Your Covid-19 Vaccine Play

Dear [%= :subscriberName(E, Reader) %], Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: INO) is moving ahead with its DNA vaccine, INO-4800. The company was the subject of short attacks last month, but it is proving that it has a real shot at developing a successful vaccine. Shorts scoffed at Inovio’s claim that it developed a vaccine candidate in just... READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: An Unprecedented Month

In Sunrise Profits, Greg gives his opinion on the market’s less than spectacular opening amid coronavirus fears. READ MORE

A Good Crisis 

Is now the time to buy Home Depot stock? READ MORE

Bear Market Trap!

Global markets are seeing pressure as the week begins. Oil is falling again and Trump adjusts his original distancing guidelines ahead of the virus. READ MORE

Prime Weekly Wrap Up

What a week. The market decided to rally for three days on the prospect of a stimulus package… Before breathing off some steam today. We’re in strange times. Everything is headline driven and it’s tough to tell where to turn to. Our editors will continue to cover the markets and deliver you the best plays out there to get you the gains you deserve. READ MORE

VIP Tech Advantage Weekly Wrap-Up

We’re in strange times. Everything is headline driven and it’s tough to tell where to turn to. All the while, Ray will continue to bring you the best tech and biotech plays out there. And give you the gains you deserve. READ MORE

Interventionism Run Amok

So it’s happened. A subject we first broached at The Rundown in Sept. 2019…. negative interest-rate bonds. READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: Not Boring Yet

In Sunrise Profits, Greg shares his thoughts on the volatile market open and lays out his plans for watching the market this weekend. READ MORE

America Can Beat the Race Against Time

Opportunities can abound in a time of crisis for problem solvers, and solutions can come from unexpected quarters. Several of your biotech plays are potentially lucrative with a chance at reaching treatment for COVID-19. Just as well, other tech names are stepping up to the plate in different ways. READ MORE


U.S. and European politicians and leaders try to figure out what to do with the coronavirus, meanwhile, Markets in the U.S. rally. Although it may not hold long. READ MORE

Cannabis: An Essential Business

COVID-19 has forced over a billion people to stay at home globally. And state governments in the U.S. have deemed only essential businesses stay open. Businesses like utilities, grocery stores and… cannabis dispensaries? READ MORE

Our Pot Play Fights Back

We’ve seen short attacks on cannabis companies. They’re easy pickings for short-and-distort frauds. It’s easy to throw mud at companies, especially when making claims that involve technical accounting scams that most investors simply don’t understand. I’ve seen it time and again. But this time your position did something remarkable. READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: So Bad It’s Good?

In Sunrise Profits, Greg discusses today’s market open amidst new unemployment numbers. READ MORE


Markets were confused yesterday as politicians try to agree on a stimulus bill. Meanwhile, jobless claims are set to rock the market. READ MORE

The Blueprint for the COVID-19 Crash

There’s been three years in history where a bear market followed directly from all-time highs — 1929, 1987 and 2020. History repeats itself and we can learn a lot from the past. Especially regarding what’s about to happen. READ MORE

Trading a Bipolar Stock Market

In Seven Figure Signals, Greg discusses the current volatile trading environment. Plus, he shares his thoughts on this week’s market-related tweets. READ MORE