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Musk’s Insane Plans to Upset the Automotive Industry

Musk’s recent statement could accelerate the EV market. Today, Ray dives into what he said and what it could mean for the auto industry’s future. READ MORE

Penny Pot Flash: Take 110% Gains on Your Pot Superstore

This “Home Depot of pot” has surged despite a crazy market, rallying about 110% as I write. Let's take some gains off the table... READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: Even the Big Beats Aren’t Big Enough!

It may be early but it’s already proving to be a stalled-out, sluggish day in the markets. It feels like everything is on pause as we await the green light on the stimulus bill. READ MORE

Another Day, Another Dollar…

Stocks rise, Nasdaq surges up and thru 11,000 (for a brief moment), Apple rallies another 0.4% as it inches closer to being defined as a $2 trillion company, Facebook and Twitter punish the President by removing a video deemed ‘harmful and full of misinformation’ (about how kids are ‘almost’ immune from corona – I mean come on – that borders on ridiculous – READ MORE

One Electric Car Company That Could Save the Rust Belt

If you drive across northeastern Ohio just outside of Youngstown, you’ll come across a huge compound visible from the highway that dominates the landscape. Shuttering its doors in 2019, it’s just one more story to come out of the Rust Belt that highlights the area’s struggles. But the good thing is there’s still hope… READ MORE

Raising the Price on This Heart Health Pharma

An approved plan for a second Phase 3 trial could spell big upward movement for one of our positions. And while we wait and see, we’re upping the buy up-to position. Take action today if you haven’t already! READ MORE

Flash Sell: Another Big Breakout Delivers Double-Digit Gains!

SERINA — our Sentiment Recognition and Interpretation Algorithm — signaled yet another successful sentiment spike. And today we cash out as all-time highs gives us the perfect exit! READ MORE

2020s: The Decade of Apple

There’s one key reason why new iPhones will have a second 3D camera… Apple is preparing for a major pivot toward augmented reality (AR), which will happen in five phases throughout the 2020s. Here’s how I see it playing out… READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: A Beaten-Down Name Ready to Run!

I’m noticing a ton of overextended names. That doesn’t mean the market has to tank or anything, but keep this important note in mind… READ MORE


Gold winged past the history-making $2,000 threshold Tuesday. READ MORE

The DC Waffle…

So the surge yesterday is being credited to the ongoing ‘talks’ between Dems and Reps over the 5th relief package meant to support the economy… Now both sides remain at odds ($1 tril vs. $3 tril) – much of it around the additional $600/week supplement (on top of the basic $400/week) that is supposed to assist out of work families during this crisis – or do they provide direct aid to the states – that have been slammed by the pandemic. READ MORE

Hype Cycle Insider Alert: The Company With the Cancer Cure Blueprint

For this month’s Hype Cycle Insider report, I’d like to turn your attention to a small but growing precision cancer company that’s on the verge of scoring a big hit in cancer therapy. READ MORE

Musk Does It Again

Two months ago, SpaceX made history becoming the first private company to put astronauts into space. Sunday, those same astronauts, Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, returned to Earth to complete their mission — paving the way for bigger and better future projects. READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: And We’re off to the Races

Yesterday’s rally was pretty impressive and tech is crushing it. Same old story since the shutdowns began and the market bottomed out in March. READ MORE

What Should Valuations be for Tech?

Stocks continue to surge… Enjoy this run while it is happening – and remember how good it feels for the markets to advance – because when they decide to take a breath and back off – it won’t feel as good… and we know that – because when it happens it is sure to happen quickly and decisively – just sayin’… READ MORE

Flash Sell! Clear Out These Quiet Biotechs

It’s time to take a step back and clear a couple of positions that aren’t performing lately. In doing this, we can use this capital toward new prospects that are working, and rotate away from the quieter companies. READ MORE

3 Space Stocks Set to Skyrocket

The space race will be huge for all involved. The only problem is many of the companies are private. And most investors are locked out of investing in them. The good news is other publicly traded companies look to benefit from this success. And today our friends at St. Paul Research are here to give you three space race stocks that should rocket higher. READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: A Sell and a Buy to Kick off the Week!

Welcome to August! The market’s already off to a strong start this morning as the averages extend their Friday gains… READ MORE

Give and Take

Congress might be on its way to passing the HEALS Act (or the long-awaited second stimulus package). READ MORE

Tech to the Rescue!

Tech to the rescue again…stocks did rise on Friday – after struggling for most of the day… the usual suspects once again stealing the spotlight… AAPL up $40/sh or 10.5%, FB $20/sh or 8.2% and AMZN rose $112/sh or 3.7% – which doesn’t mean that other tech just rolled over and played dead – they did not… we saw PYPL add 1.85%, ZM +1.56%, and PINS added $9/sh or 36%! (think very strong earnings…) READ MORE