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Investing & Analysis Articles

“Old Hippies and Politicians”

“Here's the good news," says quantitative analyst Jonas Elmerraji, "the data point to more upside ahead for the tech sector." READ MORE

Profit Today From Cannabis 2.0

In June of 2016, Marijuana stocks were barely on people’s radars. And if you had positioned yourself correctly, you could have made a killing! Now this new sector looks to have as much potential as cannabis did back in 2016. READ MORE

VIP Tech Advantage Wrap-Up

Tech is roaring back this week! That can only mean good things for you and your portfolio. Your editors have several new picks this week that they’ve entered into… Plus, a slew of updates on your open positions. Read below for everything that happened this week… Monday The latest crypto craze is making people millions... READ MORE

America’s Recovery in Three Charts…

President Biden delivered his first primetime address to the nation yesterday, marking the grim anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. READ MORE

Flash Sell! Close This COVID-19 Vax Play as Tech Roars Back

Tech stocks are back! That means we’re looking for bigger and better plays to cap off our portfolio. That includes letting go positions that have run their course. Take this action ASAP. READ MORE

It’s All About Yields and Tech Today

We’ll have to wait and see what happens this afternoon... READ MORE

Billionaire-backed Psychedelic “Breakthrough”

We take a look at the first-ever ETF pegged to the psychedelic market (ticker: PSYK)... including some of its more mainstream holdings. READ MORE

BUY ALERT — 3 Superstar Small-Cap Stocks Break Out!

I’m not worried about inflation… or interest rates. You shouldn’t be worried, either! These stocks THRIVE when inflation expectations and interest rates are on the rise. Today, I reveal three breakout tech small caps that are surging higher… in spite of the sell-off. READ MORE

Here’s Where Stocks Will Be in Six Months…

While we don’t have a crystal ball — nobody does — we do have the next-best thing. One of my colleagues just finished compiling data on what happens after tech pullbacks. In particular, what happens when the Nasdaq Composite pulls back 10% from all-time highs, like it did heading into this week. The results are pretty remarkable... READ MORE

Stocks Continue Their Rally Today

It’s going to be important to see what moves stick when all is said and done... READ MORE

Starlink Internet Targets Mobile

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is making headlines yet again this week. And that means only good things for your portfolio! READ MORE

Buy the Damn Dip

Buy the dip? Or sell this rip? After three straight weeks of selling, investors have been understandably feeling anxious. The problem is it’s influencing how they invest. READ MORE

Flash Alert: Book 125% Gains ASAP!

Today, we book a triple-digit gain as well as enter a new position for our portfolio. There’s a lot of promise for this new play, so make these moves ASAP. READ MORE

Time to Take Some Money Off the Table

I’m impressed by the action but still cautious that we may see some chop... READ MORE

“Justification” for Psychedelics

More evidence of the psychedelic industry’s legitimacy? The world’s first ETF focused entirely on the emerging sector. READ MORE

Don’t Miss the Next 500% Small-Stock Rally

It should come as no surprise that artificial intelligence, virtual reality and similar cutting-edge technologies are working their way into the fabric of the medical field. Today, we highlight one tiny company on the cutting edge of medical tech. READ MORE

The Shroom Boom Is On

Right now, shroom stocks are booming. As more beneficial effects are discovered about the compounds… And as more and more states decriminalize psychedelics… We could see this trend explode and hit unseen highs for the related stocks. READ MORE

Flash Alert: Respecting the Rotation…

Let’s rotate out of some of our positions. READ MORE

A New Play on Turnaround Tuesday

It’s going to be interesting to see how this action carries over into the afternoon... READ MORE