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Election Uncertainty Won’t Stop Tech

n a closer-than-expected race, as I write election officials are still counting ballots in a number of key battleground states. But no matter who is decided to win the election, Tech stocks will continue to march onward and upward! READ MORE

Politics Go Viral

Regardless of the election outcome, we’re seeing a post-election market rally. Here’s why… READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: What To Look For With Election Day Behind Us

The possibility remains that the markets have already moved past election drama. READ MORE

The Country Spoke and Rejected the Extremes – Try the Dark and Stormy

The electoral college is at 224 (Biden) to 213 (Trump) – an almost statistical tie… but with AZ, MI & WI leaning towards Biden, PA and GA leaning towards Trump – it is GAME ON! At the moment – both candidates HAVE a path to 270 electoral college votes and the ‘keys to the Kingdom’. READ MORE

The Best Election Proof Sectors for Any Situation

If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that tech stocks outshine the rest of the markets. And no matter who is president or if we’re in a global pandemic, they still seem to pay out. Today, I give you my favorite tech sectors no matter what the situation may be. READ MORE

Disruptive Tech Trends Mean Huge Potential

Disruptive telecommunications trends like 5G and “space Wi-Fi,” the electrification and automation of our vehicle fleets, the continued pace of lifesaving biotech breakthroughs and other changes will continue apace. And that means only good things for our portfolio! READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: Election Day Chaos

Have we already witnessed the election reset so many pundits and analysts were expecting? READ MORE

Stocks Surge – What Does it Mean? Try the Rib-Eye

Stocks surged on Monday… as the countdown continued… which tells us what? A Biden win? A Trump win? I mean – covid19 cases around the world are surging, while a handful of European countries are in various stages of lockdown, earnings continue to ‘beat’, no stimulus out of DC… READ MORE

Here’s How the Election Could Affect Tech Stocks

Elections can be hard to predict. But that doesn’t mean you need to be in the dark when the results start to roll in. Today, we tackle that issue and many more! READ MORE

Don’t Bet on Tuesday

Rock-solid portfolio strategy? Don’t revamp it on account of the election Tuesday. READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: Hurry Up and Wait…

Did everyone panic early? Did they get all the selling out of their systems? We’ll get a better idea as the week progresses… READ MORE

Confusing State vote counting laws…’Come on Man’! – Try the Eggs in Purgatory

Stocks remain confused – falling again on Friday as the weekend approached and covid19 cases continued to surge around the world. Germany and France going into various stages of lockdown, talk of the UK considering a total lockdown and questions around what the US will do to combat the recent surge across the country remain front and center. READ MORE

The Tech War Is Brewing…

The government is coming for Google… and other tech companies are ready to capitalize on the tech behemoth’s weakness… READ MORE

Prime Weekly Wrap-Up

Markets this week slumped on different news cycles. Yet despite this, we took 83% gains off the table in Technology Profits Confidential. Your editors have insight into what’s to come heading into the weekend. You won’t want to miss a thing! READ MORE

Flash Sell! Grab an 83% Profit as Our AI Play Is Sold Away

As artificial intelligence’s importance and impact grow, the more Big Tech companies are turning toward acquisitions to beef up their AI strategy. Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and others have snapped up dozens of AI startups the past few years. And that means more acquisitions too, which only helps our portfolio! READ MORE

Trade Room Notes: Election Tunnel Vision

Are markets getting the election angst out of the way before the results? Or is this just a preview of what’s to come after Election Day? READ MORE

First Domino Falls…

Today we’re exploring some economic consequences after two single-term presidents -- Hoover and Carter -- were unseated. READ MORE

Big Tech Does NOT Disappoint – Try the Stuffed Pork Rolls

So suddenly – all that panic that ran thru the markets on Wednesday went ‘Poof’! The angst that was created by rising virus cases and new lockdowns across the Eurozone seemed to be nothing but a distant memory. READ MORE

Flash Buy Alert! My Election Outcome Prediction

The 2020 election is a huge catalyst for the markets. And today, I reveal my prediction on who will win on election night… Plus, what stock out there has the best chance to give you a bang for your buck. READ MORE