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Investing & Analysis Articles

Where is the Tipping Point? Try the Spaghetti Arrabiata

Stocks ended the day lower!! The Dow lost 90 pts, the S&P gave back 25 pts, the Nasdaq lost 166 pts and the Russell lost 0.65 pts. as investors/traders and algo’s focused on ‘some’ of the negatives yesterday vs. looking through the noise and only seeing roses… In fact though, the market remains resilient… what looked like a broader selloff in the pre-market yesterday morning never really materialized… and while all of the indexes were lower – they didn’t collapse… READ MORE

Heed This Warning…

After last week’s incident at the Capitol, Big Tech names like Amazon, Google and Twitter dominated the headlines with their recent banning frenzy. This morning’s action showed that investors weren’t too happy. Twitter hit a double-digit loss before recovering this morning. We’ll be following this story as more and more info starts to unravel… stay... READ MORE

Looks Like the Correction is Here

As always, we’ll look for trades that are out-performing the market. READ MORE

Parler Games

The social media ban hammer on the president -- and Parler -- raises crucial questions about free speech. READ MORE

Flash Buy: Last-Mile Delivery Heats Up

In the face of strong demand, fuel costs are rising… and many experts are predicting a comeback year for the oil and gas industry… READ MORE

Bitcoin Tumbles – Try the Braised Beef Tenderloins

Nothing seems able to stop the push higher… not surging cases of the virus nor new strains of the virus, not new lockdowns around the world, not the 10 yr treasury piercing 1% for the first time in months, not some weakening US economic data, not even a failed coup attempt in the US nor any of the political turmoil (think a second impeachment or a call for his resignation or talk of invoking the 25th amendment) even gave investors a reason to pause at all… READ MORE

How Not to Lose 1,200% in Just 1 Year

Elon Musk just became the world’s richest man. And Tesla’s stock doesn’t seem to stop raising to new ultra-highs. What’s even more amazing about this journey, though, is this rise to No. 1 costs some in the markets tens of billions of dollars… READ MORE

VIP Tech Advantage Wrap-Up

Despite chaos in D.C. this week, the markets continued to roll higher. This perplexed many, as it showed a decoupling between the markets and reality. Could this mean the beginning of the end of the bull market? Your editors have the answers. READ MORE

Pot Stocks Set to Rock in 2021

For our portfolio, 2020 is going to be a tough act to follow. But I’m stoked over the exciting profit opportunities we’ll find in 2021! READ MORE


To Ray Blanco’s way of thinking, the distribution of the vaccine “only means good things for the market.” But beware of FOMO, he urges… READ MORE

The Surge Continues – Try the Stovetop Roasted Chicken

ROOOOAAAAR!!! Stocks continue to surge as the algo’s go wild… this even after all of the chaos in DC that rocked the capitol building on Wednesday evening – Why? Because everyone thinks that the prospect of more stimulus and a big infrastructure plan coupled with the stability of a Biden Presidency is enough to send stocks surging – and as long as that is the narrative – then guess what? Stocks will surge, until they don’t… READ MORE

₿₿₿ Bitcoin Breakout! Three Easy Ways to “Buy” ₿₿₿ Now

Bitcoin was THE big success story of 2020. The cryptocurrency cruised to a gain of more than 340%. And the Bitcoin boom is going to continue well into 2021 as the crypto finally goes mainstream. But it’s still tough for many people to buy the digital currency… Let alone stomach its high price (at $40,000)... READ MORE

This Bull Market Has an Asterisk…

A lot of folks are saying the stock market has decoupled from reality… READ MORE

Upcoming Catalysts in the New Year

No one could have predicted 2020’s market action at the beginning of last year. In hindsight it was obvious, but hindsight is 2020. And just as some seemingly obvious market moves are impossible to predict, others are hidden in plain sight… READ MORE

Flash Buy! Small Cancer Developer Teaches an Old Dog a New Trick

We start 2021 with a new trade! We have another company working on a cancer therapy. But it’s not a brand-new compound, as a matter of fact. It’s a chemo drug we’ve used for many years in many different kinds of cancer. READ MORE

Time to Take More Profits!

Markets slipped yesterday afternoon following the Capitol breach, but still finished the day strong. READ MORE

Chaos on Capitol Hill – Try the Pasta Faggioli

It is a new day in America… congress has fulfilled its constitutional duty and while the ‘beacon of hope and light’ was dimmed for a few hours yesterday in what seemed like a scene out of a movie – it burns bright today and America stands tall… READ MORE

The Odds of Another COVID Crash

Last February, the stock market rolled over in a massive plunge that will go down in the history books as the fastest 30% sell-off on record. But just how rare was the drop? And are we due for another crash soon? READ MORE