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How to Get Rich in a Bubble

As stocks scrape up against all-time highs this month, bubble talk is running rampant… GameStop. Bitcoin. EVs. Stocks in general. You name it and someone’s calling a bubble right now. Problem is, folks forget that there’s actually money to be made in a bubble environment if you trade according to a simple plan. To see how, we need to go back to the 1700s. READ MORE

Tech Tumble

It feels like a correction day today, let’s see how it shakes out! READ MORE

Funding Secured — Good News for Your SpaceX Play

Just yesterday it was released that SpaceX secured another round of funding in the amount of $850 million. This puts the current valuation at $74 billion. SpaceX is shoring up cash for their big projects: Starlink and its Starship rockets. This only means good things for our SpaceX play STMicroelectronics NV (NYSE: STM). If you... READ MORE

Flash Sell: Book 90% Profits ASAP

Today’s video update comes with some exciting news for your positions. Plus, we book a 90% winner! Congrats on the big gains. READ MORE

Crypto and Bubble…

With a regulated bank as the custodian, will more Americans (and retirees) feel comfortable investing in crypto? READ MORE

Flash Buy: Riding a Presidential Mega Trend

The change of occupants in the Oval Office presents an opportunity… READ MORE

Hype Cycle Insider Alert: Profit From the Future of Mobility

Welcome to your Hype Cycle Insider report! Today, we’re digging into the future of mobility with an innovative electric vehicle play. READ MORE

A “Screaming Buy” Industry for the Ages…

The time to get positioned for the driverless boom is right now. Today, Robert Williams explains in four pictures why you need to position yourself for this trend before it takes off. READ MORE

We Review Our Booming Portfolio

2021 has opened strong for stocks, with the S&P 500 pulling a 5% gain just a month and a half into the year and the tech-heavy Nasdaq nearly doubling that. Overall, open positions in Breakthrough Technology Alert have been even stronger, with a lot of bright spots! READ MORE

Adding Another “Energetic” Trade

There is certainly no shortage of opportunity in this market, and we want to take advantage of as many trades as possible! READ MORE

Air Taxis Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Happy Presidents Day! Though markets are closed today, that doesn’t mean there aren’t trends to follow or breaking stories that will move the markets. READ MORE

₿₿ How to Play the Bitcoin Boom ₿₿

In 2017 in a piece here in Technology Profits Daily, I predicted the Bitcoin bubble a few months before it all came crashing down. Today’s environment seems a lot different. And today I’ll show you how to capitalize on this new market! READ MORE

Flash Sell: Cha-ching! Cash in on These Big Winners

Markets continue to rise for our trades. And today we’re booking two winners for some solid double-digit gains. Take action ASAP! READ MORE

The Jetsons of the SPAC-Age

The SPAC making news this morning is Reinvent Technology Partners (NYSE: RTP)... which hopes to profit from flying taxis. READ MORE

Keeping Our Hot Streak Alive

You’ve probably heard this before: parabolic moves do not correct by trading sideways! READ MORE

Starlink Update: 10K Users Reached

Right now 10,000 users worldwide are using the beta of Starlink’s satellite internet. And with Starlink now offering a $99 signup fee, that number could explode in the coming months. READ MORE

The Driverless Boom in 4 Pictures

As venture capitalist (VC) investment further deepens, and driverless technology continues to evolve… I believe a deeper analysis of the industry is long overdue. READ MORE

Huge Breakout in Sports Betting Stocks Means Big Gains

The action in sports betting stocks is just getting started. Twenty states have legalized sports gambling and another six states have passed bills paving the way for legislation. These stocks are soaring. READ MORE

Open Season on Short Sellers

Last month, regular folks teamed up to “short squeeze” shares of GameStop higher, forcing hedge funds betting against the stock to slingshot its share price higher as they escaped their losing bets. Now it’s open season on short sellers — and they’re running scared. READ MORE