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Investing & Analysis Articles

Kicking Off The New Month

I’ll be sure to keep a close eye on how things develop today. READ MORE

The Big Spend

2020 was in many people’s opinion the worst year on record. But 2021 now looks to be the exact opposite… READ MORE

VIP Tech Advantage Wrap-Up

Markets were quiet this week as we continue to head into a COVID-free summer. And all the while, Ray’s been on the lookout for more opportunities to add to your portfolio. READ MORE

Post-Earnings Dip Sets Up Golden Buy Opportunity in An Electric Future

We’ve seen a post-earnings pop in some of our companies. This sets us up for greatness in the coming months. READ MORE

New Cancer Treatment Weapon

“Biotechnologists are working on newer, cheaper, safer [cancer] immunotherapies,” says science and technology authority Ray Blanco. READ MORE

Wrapping Up an Interesting Week…

Buckle up, because we’ll be diving right into May trading on Monday. READ MORE

Buy Alert: Why “Don’t Stop Believin’” Is Tech’s Theme Song

Start off your Dow 50K journey with these two companies primed to skyrocket alongside the rest of the tech markets. READ MORE

Does This Tiny Company Hold the Key to an Alzheimer’s Cure?

Last week, we added a new biotech name to the portfolio. Today, I want to share an exciting update on your other clinical-stage biotech play. READ MORE

Two Trades for You Today!

There’s been no shortage of action from earnings this week… READ MORE

Impending Crash? Not So Fast

One year ago, if I told you we’d have a global pandemic that would shut down the economy, you would have been crazy to suggest our markets would be up. But that’s exactly the case… READ MORE

Flash Buy: Add This Options Play to Your Position

Data is showing some good movement for one of our existing positions. So, now’s the time to get in and capitalize on that momentum. Take action ASAP! READ MORE

“Where do you think the market will go this year?”

Today I want to dive right in and start with a question from one of our readers… READ MORE

Another Speculative Runner for You Today…

It’s going to be interesting to see how these next few days shape up… READ MORE

“Sell in May”: Why 2021 Is Different

“It's one of the most well-known Wall Street sayings,” says retirement specialist Zach Scheidt. “Should investors take the summer off? READ MORE

Cannabis 2.0 or Just a Fad?

Today, MindMed (NASDAQ: MNMD) became the second “shroom” stock to go public on the U.S. markets. And with this IPO, we’re seeing a continued trend of money pouring into the READ MORE

A Very Sweet Future in Sight for Our “Sugar Science” Plays

Today we have two plays that have a lot of potential. And if you haven’t added them yet, you should take action ASAP. READ MORE

Don’t Get Caught in the Earnings Season Chop!

Last night was all about Tesla earnings — as it was the first of the mega-cap tech darlings to report this quarter. The company beat earnings estimates, grew revenue by nearly 75%, and sold some of its bitcoin. That last piece of info might be an issue for some folks, which might be why TSLA... READ MORE

Robot Makes Oxygen in Space

While the markets get their act together, we continue to follow companies with the most cutting-edge tech and breakthroughs. There’s a lot of buzz coming out of the AI, space, and robotics industries… So let’s get started to see everything that’s happening this week. SpaceX Successes Continues Two days ago, the spacecraft Endeavor set to... READ MORE

What Biden’s Tax Plan Means For You

On Wednesday, Team Biden will disclose its tax proposal to Congress under the name “American Families Plan.” READ MORE

Get Ready for a Wild Earnings Week…

We just have to let the market do it’s thing here… READ MORE