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Aaron Gentzler is the Publisher of Seven Figure Publishing. He's been researching and writing about technology and markets for over a decade and is a graduate of Penn State and Johns Hopkins.

Turkey, Cooked

Today’s Rundown looks at Turkey’s current economic crisis. The Asia Minor power is facing hard times and a slumping currency after years of 6% GDP growth. What lesson can be learned here? Today we examine, then check in on the markets.

Goodbye Dodd-Frank — Hello Bank Profits

Today’s Rundown examines how big banks scored record breaking profits in Q1 2018. Tax cuts are one tailwind, but late Tuesday banks were handed another gift. What should you make of all this? Today we explain. Then we check in on the markets.

An Epic Disaster In The Making For This Bank

Today’s Rundown looks at the latest development in the subprime story. Monday, Wells Fargo announced it plans to increase subprime lending. This at a time when subprime defaults are at a 20-year high. First we try to decipher Well’s logic. Then we check in on the markets.

Get Ready For The Next Trump Bump

Today’s Rundown breaks down what to expect from the latest trade war developments. Many expect a nice bump for markets, but not all are happy. Today we explain why, and what it means for you. Then we check in on the markets.

A New Bubble Emerges

Today’s Rundown takes a close look at rising subprime auto loan defaults and attempts to forecast what could happen in the months ahead. Then we check in on the markets this morning.

Call The Old Guys When Yields Rise

Today’s Rundown examines the new market conditions that have taken hold. Telling new data indicates there’s a good chance your broker is clueless as to how to play the changing market conditions. Today we explain why. Then we check in on the markets.