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Aaron Gentzler is the Publisher of Seven Figure Publishing. He's been researching and writing about technology and markets for over a decade and is a graduate of Penn State and Johns Hopkins.

New Signs of Life Discovered!

Bitcoin’s surging, but why? Two words: Institutional blockchain. That’s the real bet you want to make in this space. Today’s Rundown shows you why. Then we check in on the markets.

Trump Avoids Cold War II

First up. Revealing more about what Ray is calling the “World’s Fastest Fortune.” Then today’s Rundown shows PROOF Trump won Helsinki. After that, we check in on the markets.

Debt or Death?

The sad truth today is many folks today are priced out of their own healthcare and itrs a major problem. Today’s Rundown examines the rising cost of prescription drugs and if things will ever get any better. Then we check in on the markets.

Your Robo-Taxi Is En Route

Nvidia is the gift that keeps on giving. Already up 24% since we rang in the New Year, there’s plenty of reasons to believe more gains are coming. Today’s Rundown shows why you. Then we check in on the markets.

Insider-Trading of Biblical Proportions

Mark our words. They’ll make a movie out of this one day. It’s insider-trading of biblical proportions. Today’s Rundown examines how a pastor became the “linchpin” in a multi-million dollar scam. Then we’ll check in on the markets.