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Aaron Gentzler is the publisher of Seven Figure Publishing. He is also the editor of The Rundown. Aaron’s been with Agora Financial/Seven Figure Publishing for 13 years. He's been covering technology and markets for over a decade.

Another First For America

Wednesday, we set the record for longest bull run in U.S. history. Then this Thursday, we learned the U.S. has achieved another monumental feat and the implications are world changing. Today’s Rundown breaks down all you need to know about the U.S.’s new-found energy dominance. Then we check in on the markets.

Huge Shock This November

Over two months out and we already have to talk about it. This year’s midterms are hugely important. But the most important aspect is not what you think it is.Today’s Rundown shows you marijuana measures make this year’s midterms so important. Then we check in on the markets.


The fallout from Paul Manafort’s and Michael Cohen’s guilty verdicts are sweeping the nation. But these verdicts should have no bearing on the market. That’s why today’s Rundown cuts through the noise to show you one sector that’s rising from the grave and paying out big. Then we check in on the markets.

Trump Vs. The Fed

Wisdom is the key to great leadership. You can be a strong leader, and at the same time be an unwise leader. Trump is showing signs of the latter everytime he battles the Fed. Today’s Rundown shows you why Trump needs to let this fight go, for the good of the economy. Then we check in on the markets.

Cola Wars 2.0

Call it a blessing. A lull in the trade row means we’re back to business talking markets and one mega-merger that could start a new war. A cola war. Today’s Rundown unpacks Pepsi’s billion dollar buyout of SodaStream. Then we check in on the markets.

Wisdom of the Crowd

Today’s Rundown takes a look at recent reader feedback then recaps an interesting meeting your editor had with leaders of one of the largest equity crowdfunding platforms.

These Stocks Are Great For Your Health

Yesterday we talked about a great safe harbor for your money as the trade war shakes out. Today we have another great sector that could pad your bottom-line while the rest of the market players get taken to the woodshed. These stocks are great for your health. Today’s Rundown shows you why. Then we check in on the markets.