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Aaron Gentzler is the publisher of Seven Figure Publishing. He is also the editor of The Rundown and has been with Agora Financial / Seven Figure Publishing since 2005. He's been covering technology and markets for over a decade.

Public Anonymity?

The identity of the anonymous op-ed is inconsequential; the real problem is the Deep State. And American farmers are the caught in the trade-war crossfire.

Hidden (Fees) in Plain Sight

We explore the origins of the government-concocted myth of “reefer madness” and we put mutual fund and ETF investors on notice -- beware the cost of doing business.

Political Discourse and A White House Mole

A reader takes on the disintegration of political discourse in America and we take a closer look at the North American Marijuana Index, up 54% in less than a month.

Jeff “Just Say No” Sessions

A reader weighs in on the timeframe for marijuana legalization at the federal level. And we take on the most recent emerging markets freak-out with three surprisingly stable global markets.

Dick’s, Under Armour and Gun Control

More reader mail takes on the validity of a sin tax on marijuana and we take a look at Dick’s Sporting Goods as a solid buy for value investors.

A Stalled Housing Market and Marijuana “Tax Addicts”

One housing market’s stalled out but the economy seems to be heating up in the Midwest. One reader takes on the “tax addicts” in D.C. But Trump’s not one of them. Ahead of the 2020 election, he wants to cut more taxes.