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Amanda Stiltner is the editorial director for Seven Figure Publishing. Amanda is a veteran student of the markets, and has experience bridging the gap between retail investors and complex investment strategies. She holds a degree in English from the University of Baltimore.

Big Marijuana

Last month a reader wrote to us regarding Ray Blanco’s pot predictions.“Ray missed on North Dakota. Just saying……!” True! Ray also nailed Michigan, Utah, Missouri and the firing of Jeff Sessions. In baseball you’re a Hall of Famer if you strike out 7 of 10 at bats. The average Wall Street expert would kill for a 70% win rate. 4 out 5 of Ray’s predictions came true. Now for Ray’s next big pot prediction.

Your Uncertain Future Fixed

I just touched back down in Baltimore this morning after spending a few days in West Palm Beach. I spent my time picking income expert Mike Burnick’s brain about the current state of the markets. Uncertainty reigns supreme, and volatility IS the new norm. But we have a great money making battle plan in place for you. Your Seven Figure Society alert inside...

What a B.S. Cop Out

Apparently blaming the media is the new national pastime. But nothing is more lazy than blaming others for your shortcomings. Which is why Toll Brothers CEO Douglas Yearley needs to shut his trap and get back to work. A home builders rebound could be coming. Your Seven Figure Society alert inside...

500 Million Folks Hacked

Ever stay at a Marriott or Starwood property? If so your data may be compromised. 500 million Marriott customers’ info is now floating around in cyberspace for anyone and everyone to access. This is bad… but once you secure your accounts we have a silver-lining to pad your pockets with. Your Seven Figure Society alert inside.

Musk Should Go To Mars

Elon Musk says there’s a 70% chance he’ll one day live on Mars. In part because he believes a robot uprising is coming. For as smart as this guy is, he says some outlandish things. Especially when it comes to AI and automation. Here’s the real truth about AI and automation, and why it’s actually great for all of us. Your Seven Figure Society alert inside.

Dow 30K In 6 Months

Today markets are looking to rebound after two weeks of brutal losses. Is this just another bit of flash-in-the-pan action, or the start of a true post-correction rally? Your Seven Figure Society alert inside…