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Amanda Stiltner is the associate publisher for Agora Financial/Seven Figure Publishing. She is also the editor of Seven Figure Society. Amanda’s been with Seven Figure Publishing for seven years. She has years of experience bridging the gap between retail investors and complex investment strategies.

Prime Weekly Wrap-Up – August 16th, 2019

The markets were in rare form this week. First, threats of extra tariffs made the markets go down, then tariff relief made them go back up, then fears of the inverted yield curve made them go back down, and now they’re back up again today. Will the markets ever make up its mind?


Word on the street yesterday was General Electric’s accounting fraud is “bigger than Enron and WorldCom combined.” That’s a serious accusation. But if the 175-page report made public yesterday turns out to be true, it could be the end for GE. Here’s our take. Your Seven Figure Society alert inside...

Complete and Utter Devastation

U.S. stocks continued their losing streak this week as fears of a recession gripped Wall Street Wednesday… Yet there’s a very important part of the yield inversion story the experts ARE NOT telling you. Today we reveal the truth about this inversion. Your Seven Figure Society alert inside...

Trump Gives Tech Stocks a Boost

Stocks were surging yesterday after news broke that Trump plans to suspend certain tariffs on China. And within the tech sector, we’re tracking a potential breakout for a basket of stocks that has had a terrible summer so far. Big money awaits! Your Seven Figure Society alert inside...

Hong Kong Protests: A Surprise Takeaway

Over the weekend protests in Hong Kong forced one of the largest airport hubs on Earth to shut down… On Monday stocks went into free fall and the mainstream media happily blamed the action on protests. We’ll save the geopolitical commentary for them. This is the surprise moneymaker we discovered while watching the footage. Your Seven Figure Society alert inside...

A 100% Chance Stocks Surge

The stock market roller coaster ride is open for business again. So what’s next for stocks… and the money you have tied to the markets? You won’t believe the great news until you see it. Your Seven Figure Society alert inside...

No Recession in Sight According to This Data

U.S. weekly jobless claims unexpectedly fell, reports Reuters. This comes as a surprise to many on Wall Street. Signals the economy is weakening have flashed for a while. But what Wall Street is not getting is how powerful jobs data is to U.S. GDP. This is why recession talk today is bunk. Your Seven Figure Society alert inside...

Cannabis Rally Time

Monday, Aug. 5, will go down in history as the worst day on Wall Street in 2019… so far at least. Every sector was in the red Monday, and so far stocks have struggled to bounce back. Except for one sector, which looks like it could rally big-time soon. Your Seven Figure Society alert explains all inside.