Robert WilliamsRobert Williams

After nearly 20 years in the trenches of high finance, Robert has joined St. Paul Research to assume the role of Chief Futurist. Robert cut his teeth as an analyst for one of the most revered and prestigious medical institutions on Earth, whose endowment is valued at $4.3 billion. From there, Robert became the lead analyst for a Fortune 500 private company — a firm with revenues above $12 billion. He also worked for the companies of two billionaire owners of major professional sports franchises (NFL and MLB)…. collaborated with countless bestselling financial authors… and founded an internet business worth millions. Robert is Master’s educated in Finance, as well.

Biggest Tech Surprise of 2020

As the end of this unforgettable year draws nearer, the Tech Profits Daily team is hard at work preparing our forecasts for 2021. In order to accurately project the potential for certain things to happen in 2021, however, we must fully understand why technology stocks marched relentlessly higher in 2020. Today, Robert Williams addresses this question and more!

[Special Edition] 2021 Forecast and Predictions

Every year presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. But as 2021 draws near, I’m both wildly enthusiastic and deeply concerned about the market. With that in mind, below you’ll find the four technologies that I believe will outshine the rest in 2021, including a few predictions with the potential to greatly impact stock prices.

Flash Sell: Book 144% Profits Now…

Revisiting our position when it was underwater has proved fruitful. The lesson here is that some degree of patience is required when investing in growth stocks. Barring an unforeseen marketwide panic or crisis… As long as the original investment thesis is valid — as was the case with Perceptron — shareholders will be rewarded in the end.

An Update On Our Battery Stock, And Two More Red Hot “Battery Day” Predictions!

It’s been a wild day in the battery industry. And it’s no surprise. Today at 4:30 PM Elon Musk will take the stage at Tesla’s first ever “Battery Day” event. Today I want to give you a front row seat to the action. We’ll update our top battery stock and two more big predictions to help you navigate this red hot market.