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Is Tesla Worth $10?

For the first time in more than two years, Tesla Inc. shares sank below $200 on Monday morning. . At the rate this stock is plummeting, we might not have much longer to wait for this $10 price target to become a reality…

Trade War Fallout Trashes Tech

Google has stuck it to Huawei — following executive orders and stopping some services to existing Huawei smartphones. As this story develops, the tech sector is seeing the brunt of this morning’s pullback…

Fresh Breakouts Beat Earnings Losers

Stop chasing IPOs and look at what’s working. Focus on the companies and sectors that have held their ground (or even rallied) as the market slipped from its highs this month. These are the names that have the best chance at becoming our new market leaders.

The Trade War Turns Against Tech

Technology emerges as the next trade war battlefield. Huawei Technologies faces continued backlash with Trump’s latest order to ban telecom equipment from foreign adversaries. Only time will tell where they will emerge as the dust settles…

Will Turnaround Tuesday Stick?

Don’t break out the bubbly just yet. While the major averages finally bounced Tuesday, stocks faded from their highs into the afternoon session — and remain under pressure as trade war concerns linger. Too squeamish to watch it all unfold? Log off and grab another cup of coffee.