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Where is the Tipping Point? Try the Spaghetti Arrabiata

Stocks ended the day lower!! The Dow lost 90 pts, the S&P gave back 25 pts, the Nasdaq lost 166 pts and the Russell lost 0.65 pts. as investors/traders and algo’s focused on ‘some’ of the negatives yesterday vs. looking through the noise and only seeing roses… In fact though, the market remains resilient… what looked like a broader selloff in the pre-market yesterday morning never really materialized… and while all of the indexes were lower – they didn’t collapse…

Mutant Strains, But No Overreaction – Try the Candied Pecans

What a difference a day makes! US futures are holding steady this morning not suggesting any sense of unease or panic over the latest mutant version of Covid-19. Flashback to yesterday morning – when the news out of Europe – more specifically from the UK – about a new mutant variation of Covid-19 hitting the countryside sent European stocks careening and US futures lower in pre-mkt trading.

FED suggests that Stocks are ‘Undervalued’! Futures Surge and it’s Thursday… Try the Butterscotch Clusters

Stimulus, stimulus and more stimulus… investors were held in check yesterday as legislators in DC all promised to ‘not go anywhere until this is done’… Not sure they had much of a choice – and in fact – I would say it’s their own fault… They could have had this all done months ago – but each side chose to play the partisan game vs. the right thing to do…