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Josh GrasmickJosh Grasmick

Josh Grasmick is managing editor of Thechnology Profits Daily and associate editor of Technology Profits Confidential and Breakthrough Technology Alert. After graduating from Washington College with a degree in English, the self-described autodidact was interviewed by Time magazine for his novel entrepreneurship and worldwide eco-adventures. His experience with those in the fields of science, medicine and technology puts readers ahead of the curve and on top of the market.

Stay the Course on Our “Obesity Blocker” Stock

Paul called this morning and asked me to send you this alert. “Our ‘obesity blocker’ stock is swinging around today as investors position themselves for tomorrow’s FDA advisory committee meeting,” says Paul. He continues: “Remember that today is the last day for you get in on this trade, as the stock is going to be shut down for trading while the advisory committee is meeting on June 17, 2014.” “I know that some of you are worried about the volatility that you have been experiencing with this stock. You should know that this volatility is not unusual. This volatility is just trader positioning, as I’ve explained to you before. “My research still says that our company’s device for obesity is safe and effective. And I believe that the advisory committee will also find its device to be safe and effective and will vote to recommend that the FDA approve it.”

Do nothing but hold onto the stock of your first PDUFA Booster Shot

Your PDUFA Booster Shot stock is going to be very volatile today. Market players, such as investment banks, are moving the stock price to adjust their positions in response to the FDA’s recent approval. Paul's contacts and research are indicating that this adjustment process could go on for all of this week or longer.

IMPORTANT: FDA Gives Approval to Durata Therapeutics for Its Incredible New Antibiotic

We've just received word that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved our PDUFA Booster Shot’s antibiotic drug for use in the United States. The stock is halted right now, meaning no one can buy or sell shares. Because of the Memorial Day holiday, the next chance to transact in Durata Therapeutics stock will be Tuesday, May 27. Paul is monitoring the situation and will send you an alert on what you should do with your Durata Therapeutics stock on Tuesday.


In your April issue, Stephen recommended placing a stop loss on one of our past recommendations at $8 a share. On Tuesday, that stop-loss triggered. If you bought shares when we recommended it, you should have made 73.84%. Congrats! If you didn’t place a stop loss, we recommend putting in an order now to sell your shares when the market opens Monday.