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Kenny PolcariKenny Polcari

Kenny is the editor of Morning Thoughts and has been with Seven Figure Publishing since 2019.

Kenny is a CNBC exclusive contributor appearing on shows like The Halftime Report, Power Lunch, and Closing Bell. His market commentary has reached audiences across the nation on media outlets such as Bloomberg, Fox, ABC, and more.

Kenny’s been working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange since 1980, when he started as an intern. In his time at the exchange, he witnessed world-changing market events — from the great bull market of the mid-80’s to the “Black Monday” crash of ’87. He was even on the floor on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

It Was All a Game – Try the Beef Ragu

Stocks ended the day mixed again – with the Dow lower by 37 pts or 0.12%, the Russell lower by 5 pts or 0.25% while the S&P rose 14 pts or 0.36% and the Nasdaq once again taking the lead – rising 92 pts or 0.69%! And while the day was full of earnings reports, political headlines and more talk about the virus/vaccines – day traders on Reddit were ‘storming the hill’!

A Big Week for Earnings – Try the Shrimp Scampi

Stocks struggled on Friday… momentum in the Dow and the S&P’s fading while the return to the WFH (Work From Home) trade took the Nasdaq higher… Eco data was much better than expected – with Manufacturing PMI coming in at 59.1 – well ahead of the expected 56.5 and Services PMI soaring to 57.5 vs. the expected 53.4… and that send shares in the Russell Index higher as well…

Stocks Surge and Goldy Suggests OIL Demand is Strong! – Try the Dover Sole

January 20th… Trump out, Biden in and stocks soared! All 4 indexes making new highs as the sun set and Joey and his family made the traditional walk to the White House from the corner of Pennsylvania Ave and 15th St after a full day of pomp and circumstance. It was a time in history that produced many firsts – Oldest President, youngest poet laureate, first female VP, and it was the end of one era and the beginning of another that has a real sense of ‘ renewal’ – and investors loved it…