Kenny PolcariKenny Polcari

Kenny is the editor of Morning Thoughts and has been with Seven Figure Publishing since 2019.

Kenny is a CNBC exclusive contributor appearing on shows like The Halftime Report, Power Lunch, and Closing Bell. His market commentary has reached audiences across the nation on media outlets such as Bloomberg, Fox, ABC, and more.

Kenny’s been working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange since 1980, when he started as an intern. In his time at the exchange, he witnessed world-changing market events — from the great bull market of the mid-80’s to the “Black Monday” crash of ’87. He was even on the floor on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

Canary in the Coal Mine

Coming into the day – after a another weekend of surging virus cases – market centers around the world were all in Risk On mode – news that Pfizer and German bio-tech BioNTech were fast tracked by the FDA to produce not one but two virus vaccines for testing apparently sending the algos into overdrive around the world…

Biden Comes Out Swinging

And so it goes… It takes away again… More of the same headlines and then we got hit with not one but two new headlines… that sent the Dow careening… falling more than 540 pts from Wednesday’s evenings close. The first one: “Biden Offers ‘Build Back Better’ Plan to Revive the Economy” – it was the Biden/Sanders economic agenda package delivered from a metalworks factory in Dunmore, PA – just a mile or two down the road from Joey’s childhood town…

Tech Takes the Lead

And here we go sports fans… the market gives, it takes away and then it gives again… Stocks rallied on Wednesday even in light of weaker European markets, rising coronavirus cases, new lockdown demands across some of America’s biggest cities, concern over a return to normal and ahead of what is expected to be weak earnings season and a slowing economic rebound in the US… I mean you can’t make this up…

Will Earnings Season Bring Volatility?

Global Markets tore it up on Monday… and then they gave some back on Tuesday! – European markets ended their day – Tuesday – down about ¾ to 1% across the board and US stocks followed… Financials, Industrials, Consumer Discretionary and Real Estate all leading the way lower… and while Tech came under some pressure – it was less so than some of the other sectors – as the market was only consolidating and not panicking…

Global Markets are on a Tear!

US futures are SCREAMING higher! Apparently all the negative news over the weekend, whether it was surging virus cases (not deaths) or more Trump drama is doing little to cause investors any angst at all… Comments from elected officials in TX and FL stealing the headlines but having little to no effect on the bullish sentiment that is currently alive and well.

Get Ready for Election Cycle Drama

Good morning – so half the year has gone by already… and if you’re like me – I’m happy to say good riddance… Who would’ve thought what happened (and is still happening) could really have happened? I mean think about it – but to do so you have to go back to early 2018 when the administration embarked on new trade negotiations with China – it what became known as the US/China Trade War…