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Patrick Cox has lived deep inside transformative technologies for over 25 years. In the 1980s, he worked in software development and manufacturing. By the mid-‘90s, he consulted for Netscape–which handled 90% of all Internet browsing traffic at the time. InfoWorld and USA Today have featured his research, and he’s written for The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, USA Today and Reason Magazine. Patrick has appeared on Crossfire and Nightline, and been written up in The Baltimore Sun and CNBC Magazine. Now, Patrick edits Breakthrough Technology Alert and Technology Profits Confidential, uncovering transformational technologies that offer exponential gains.

Historic Breakthroughs Will Change the World and Create Fortunes

Three announcements from world scientific research last week will be felt for years to come, creating fortunes in the process. A new study has brought unexpected and powerful validation of Star Scientific's life-extending nutraceutical. Also in the natural products arena, ChromaDex appears to be the star of an upcoming session of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. We'll start, however, with important BioTime news and a newly discovered hormone that could give normal lives to millions of diabetics.

Important Opko, ChromaDex and Galectin Therapeutics News

This week, I've got news about a few of our most important companies. I'll start with Galectin Therapeutics, as this is the most self-explanatory of the three items on the agenda. Galectin Therapeutics, as I'm sure you know, has a technology based on natural plant sugars that bind to the same receptors targeted by galectin-3s. Without getting too technical, these are signaling molecules capable of binding with cells and provoking two very important functions associated with trauma and healing -- apoptosis and fibrosis.

BioTime in Historic Gene Sequencing and Analysis Partnership

I said last week that I wouldn't be writing this alert unless something really important happened. In fact, the announcement I'm covering today ranks among the most important that I've ever covered. Finally, the promise of personal genomics is being realized -- and BioTime's subsidiary LifeMap Sciences is at the heart of it.

Journal Articles Highlight Massive Financial Potential of BioTime’s HyStem and Galectin Therapeutics

For the last several weeks, I've been in my eye surgeon's office nearly every day, sometimes twice a day, for tests and treatments. I take calls between sessions and have a journal article open on my phone most of the time. This has led to the half-joking suggestions from the medical staff that I use an empty office in the clinic for my work. It's odd because I feel fine now that we've discontinued several medications that were provoking bizarre and serious side effects. I've always, incidentally, reacted oddly to drugs, which is one of the reasons that I think that genome sequencing and bioinformatics are going to yield terrific advances in personalized medicine.

Schrodinger’s Stock

Someday, I'm going to take a week off. I wanted it to be this week, because I've reacted to a corticosteroid given to me after my eye surgeries, requiring draining of excess fluid -- sometimes twice a day. But this isn't the week for a vacation. Not only is next month's issue nearing completion, thanks mostly to my colleague Ray Blanco, but I also find it necessary to deal again with the ongoing short attack on Star Scientific The reason that I feel compelled is that two friends of mine sent me messages saying they had lost money on Star, despite the fact that neither had sold shares. This came after I had explained the incredible science behind Star's platform in two previous alerts, so I'm going to go over the basics of transformational investing once again.

FDA’s Breakthrough Therapies Pathway Will Benefit Breakthrough Technology Alert Portfolio

Recovery from my eye surgeries is going very well, though it's going to take weeks for my vision to stabilize. Because my vision is in flux, my surgeon has convinced me that I should wait before buying even temporary glasses, which is somewhat uncomfortable. Fortunately, I'm corrected to reading distance, but driving and such is out of the question. I am convinced, incidentally, that my rate of healing is a result of Star Scientific's Anatabloc. I had oral surgery a few years ago, and my recovery was painfully slow, unlike my current experience. Regardless, I used my somewhat impaired eyesight as an excuse not to work this weekend.

Breakthrough Primate Data From Arrowhead and ISCO With More Great Star Scientific Animal Evidence

What a week. I was going to take a vacation, but history intervened. I've had one of my eye surgeries and really wanted to take a break before the second. In fact, most of this day has been involved with the process of having all but one of the stitches in my right eye removed. Surgery on my other eye will take place later this week. I've got an excellent surgeon, Dr. Michael Collins, in Fort Myers. There's no question that the outcome of the first procedure, given the massive trauma to my eyes that necessitated the operations, was as good as it could have been. At this point, the biggest impact on my life is the intrusion caused by the six different eye medications that I have to take every two-four hours.

ISCO Publishes Evidence Regarding Parthenogenetic Parkinson’s Therapy

This will be short. My time this month is filled with appointments for my cataract surgeries, all over an hour north from this halcyon island that I call home. To complicate things further, my son's vehicle was totaled a few days ago and I've got to get him another SUV as soon as possible. Yes, I said SUV. As I've said here before, I believe steel is the best insurance policy. The incident that sent my son's transportation to the wrecking yard eloquently demonstrates this.

BioMimetic Acquired, Opko and RXi Team, BioTime Outsmarts Shorters

Before we get to the stories in the headline, let me point out some significant press coverage for Star Scientific Mary Shomon has an article in the current issue of the National Academy of Hypothyroidism's publication titled, “An Immune System and Thyroid Upside for Tobacco?” This piece is significant for several reasons. First, this is a forum used primarily by medical professionals. Its standards are higher than your typical popular publication. Additionally, the author, Mary Shomon, is a well-known health activist and writer on the subject of thyroid disease. As time goes on and more of this sort of coverage appears, we'll see a major tipping point and an acceleration of information dissemination about the first truly effective therapy for autoimmune disease.