Paul MampillyPaul Mampilly

Back when Paul Mampilly was growing up in India, nobody talked about the stock market. Yet as a kid, Paul read voraciously about the Great Crash of 1929 and found it fascinating.

When he turned 18, he came to the United States by himself. Since then, he’s had close to 25 years of investment experience, and he’s been through every kind of job in finance.

He’s covered biotech and health care as an analyst and portfolio manager for major international banks such as Deutsche Bank, ING and Bankers Trust. He writes:

I’ve been part of a team managing a $23 billion mutual fund and a $6 billion hedge fund that Barron's named as one of the world's best hedge funds in 2008.

My clients have included European aristocracy, the Templeton Foundation, Swiss private banks, Fortune 500 companies like Sears and giant banks like the Royal Bank of Scotland.

He’s learned investing through experience, and he taught himself molecular biology simply by reading books. In fact, Paul has a personal library of over 1,000 books, and he never stops buying more. “On average, I read over 50 books a year and consume over 100 email news items every single day,” he says.

Important: Flash Alert

One of our cancer stocks is down 45% this morning because its drug did not show superior results in a clinical trial for breast cancer run by their business partner Roche. While this result is disappointing, it does not change the fact that the drug is going to be a multi-billion blockbuster. This result does also does not change the sales or profits that the drug is going to generate for this year or 2015...

Important: Flash Alert

One of our Ebola companies is now below our 45% stop loss point. All my research and sources tell me that this company’s Ebola medication is likely to be approved and used when Ebola becomes widespread. I still believe that a bigger, wider Ebola outbreak lies ahead. Because of the huge potential gains when that happens, I am going to retain this company in our portfolio…

BUY Alert: ER Hospitals Desperate to Buy This Drug to Save Zombie Patients

Thanks to an exciting new “ER” drug, Angioedema of doom, my name for Hereditary AngioEdema, is not a death sentence. Because of it’s life saving abilities, the demand for this drug in the United States is going to double, triple, in the next few years… and we are going to ride this drug for gains of at least 40% over the next 9 months, as a start.