Paul MampillyPaul Mampilly

Back when Paul Mampilly was growing up in India, nobody talked about the stock market. Yet as a kid, Paul read voraciously about the Great Crash of 1929 and found it fascinating.

When he turned 18, he came to the United States by himself. Since then, he’s had close to 25 years of investment experience, and he’s been through every kind of job in finance.

He’s covered biotech and health care as an analyst and portfolio manager for major international banks such as Deutsche Bank, ING and Bankers Trust. He writes:

I’ve been part of a team managing a $23 billion mutual fund and a $6 billion hedge fund that Barron's named as one of the world's best hedge funds in 2008.

My clients have included European aristocracy, the Templeton Foundation, Swiss private banks, Fortune 500 companies like Sears and giant banks like the Royal Bank of Scotland.

He’s learned investing through experience, and he taught himself molecular biology simply by reading books. In fact, Paul has a personal library of over 1,000 books, and he never stops buying more. “On average, I read over 50 books a year and consume over 100 email news items every single day,” he says.

Important: Flash Alert

On Oct. 27, hedge funds influenced biotech bloggers to spread a nasty story about one of our companies. I’ll connect the dots and show you why none of this matters for you as an owner of the stock. But before I can do that, you need to know how things work on Wall Street and why this is a perfect buying opportunity for you…

Revolutionary Breast Cancer Cure Could Make You 50% in 6 months

In 1999, I received data on an incredible new drug that I believed could change the world. I call it a superdrug because it has the potential to cure one out of every five breast cancer patients. I can’t recall the exact data that got me excited, because it was a long time ago. But I do remember thinking, If this drug works, this is going to be a big deal for cancer patients. And today, that’s exactly what’s happening…

How Our Ebola Stocks Could Double Overnight

I believe we are in the midst of one of the greatest profit opportunities you’re ever going to see in your lifetime. Stop listening to what the government is telling you. Turn off CNN. Forget what you see on the news. And for God’s sake, forget about the market crashing. Right now, we are in the early innings of the greatest profit opportunities of the 21st century. A biotech boom that’s about to hit epic proportions…

Important: Ebola Stock Trading Action Alert #2

Yesterday, I told you that I believe that ebola problem in the US is growing. This is different than what the government is telling you. But the facts continue to support my view. Last night, we got more bad news from the government. Now, the government is saying that as many as 100 people are being screened for ebola in Dallas. Now, we also know that emergency workers that came to treat the first patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, are exposed...

Important: Ebola Stock Trading Action Alert

We're going to need every single Ebola drug that we have to try and help these patients. And then pray that they work. Remember, we have no FDA approved drugs for ebola now. These are all experimental drugs. By experimental, I mean that they have not been proven to work in human beings. Every company with a drug is going to put their drugs into this kind of testing ASAP…