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America Can Beat the Race Against Time

Opportunities can abound in a time of crisis for problem solvers, and solutions can come from unexpected quarters. Several of your biotech plays are potentially lucrative with a chance at reaching treatment for COVID-19. Just as well, other tech names are stepping up to the plate in different ways.

Our Pot Play Fights Back

We’ve seen short attacks on cannabis companies. They’re easy pickings for short-and-distort frauds. It’s easy to throw mud at companies, especially when making claims that involve technical accounting scams that most investors simply don’t understand. I’ve seen it time and again. But this time your position did something remarkable.

How to Prep for the Biotech Bounce

Over the past few weeks, I’ve reiterated that biotech names will lead the way when the market bounces back. I’ve received a couple emails asking a variety of questions. From the most basic, like how to trade stocks, to why biotech stocks seem so volatile. Today, we’re going to step back and go over the basics so you can prep yourself for the market snapback — with biotech names leading the way.

Pot Timer Pro: Marijuana Is an Essential Business

This first edition of your Pot Timer Pro comes at a strange time in the markets. Everything is rallying today in hopes for a stimulus package from Congress — including the pot market. This sector took a beating in 2019… but with the pandemic and self-quarantining, recent news could prove extremely beneficial to the pot market.