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Your Friendly Cannabis Insider Analyst

Cannabis is a maturing industry, and developments — both legal and technological — are fast-moving. But it’s also important to have someone on the inside, tracking the latest information and stories not available to the mainstream public. That’s why you have Ray Blanco, your friendly cannabis analyst…

The Ivy League Passes a Marijuana Milestone

Over the weekend and with little to no fanfare, one of the most significant marijuana milestones to date took place. The FDA approved a medical marijuana study at Yale University School of Medicine on stress and mental health. That alone isn’t totally out of left field… But who’s supplying the cannabis for the study is.

Flash Buy! Ending A Fungal Menace!

When you hear the world Fungi, you might think about mushrooms or athlete’s foot, but lesser known fungal diseases are serious and possibly deadly. Today’s biotech pick is on a mission to fight the fungal menace with a novel drug in multiple clinical trials…

Flash Buy! “Sugar Rings” Could Hold The Key To Alzheimer’s And This Deadly Disease!

Sometimes the potentially biggest scientific and clinical breakthroughs can come when least expected. That’s the case for the latest Breakthrough Technology biotech pick. You’re not going to want to miss this one… Plus, our epigenetics biotech soars!

Musk’s City on Mars

Elon Musk has announced his vision for a city on Mars. While part science fiction, this does underscore the utility of companies like SpaceX. And this is one of the only ways to invest in the new space industry right now.