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After earning a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Hodges University, Ray Blanco spent over a decade working for public and private companies as a network technician and systems analyst. Ray used to work for one of the most successful private wealth management firms in the country — with over $30 billion in assets under management — to design and oversee their entire network infrastructure, everything from Internet connectivity to data integrity and security. This experience included technology management for large trading and investment firms. From advanced robotics and avionics… to genomics and biotechnology… Ray is an expert. Combining his passion for technology with his financial and stock market expertise, he joined the team in 2009. He is the editor of Technology Profits Confidential, FDA Trader, Penny Pot Profits and Breakthrough Technology Alert and is the lead contributor to Technology Profits Daily.

The Next HUGE Pot Deal

One of the world’s biggest beverage company is seriously investigating CBD, and is providing an important piece of proof to investors who have been sitting on the fence watching the pot space unfold…

A Medical Miracle

One medical problem is becoming the hardest humankind has ever tackled. But now thanks to new research we’re on the verge of an astounding breakthrough. Of course the riches will follow too.