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Important Updates On Three Of Our Favorite Companies

I'm just about to send your next issue to the editors. It's almost ready. I have a company bringing a new twist to an old technology -- and bringing hope of dealing with the spiraling crisis of resistant bacteria. Thanks to recent legislation, the regulatory burden of developing drugs to deal with this problem has been somewhat eased, and private innovators are rushing to fill an urgent market need. I don't want to say much more right now or I might give it away, but you'll find out about it really soon.

Important Cellceutix, Galectin and Oncolytics Updates

This week, I'd like to update you on three other companies in our portfolio, beginning with extremely important news from Cellceutix. This week I'll be brief, since I am currently hard at work putting together the next issue of your newsletter. I'll be telling you about a young company bringing a new twist on an old technology.

Important Isis Update

It's always busy at Isis Pharmaceuticals. With dozens of compounds in development, there's frequent news from clinical trials of this company's revolutionary gene-modifying technology. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies large and small think so too. I count no less than 12 distinct Isis partners working on a grand total of 16 different therapeutic antisense therapies.

Important News: Stem Cell Specialists Moving Into Clinical Trials

When I think of BioTime, the first thought that comes to my mind is “stem cells.” From this field of science, a vast array of lifesaving, life-extending products will emerge. With stem cells, we'll be able to heal ailing tissues and restore them to optimal function. Stem cells, of course, will become an important way to repair aging tissues. The whole idea of regenerative medicine, of which stem cells will form a hugely important part, is to cause the human body to repair tissues that it normally can't -- especially in older patients.

Time to Sell: A Bad Year for This Biotech Gets Worse

2013 has been an awful year for Rigel Pharmaceuticals. The company suffered a major setback in June when it reported that its Phase 3 trial for a novel rheumatoid arthritis compound, fostamatinib, showed it didn't make the grade. AstraZeneca, Rigel's partner on fostamatinib development, returned the rights to its development.

Two Biotech Innovators Cut Through Regulatory Rigmarole With Special Designations

The Food and Drug Administration rules the pharmaceutical industry like Zeus from Mount Olympus. Its decrees have the power of virtual life or death for all promising biotechnology entrepreneurs hoping to operate in the world’s largest health care market. At any time, it can cast a lightning bolt on the best laid schemes of mice...

TriQuint Strengthens Defense

TriQuint Semiconductor moved to acquire CAP Wireless, a supplier of high-performance microwave and radio frequency amplifiers. By acquiring CAP, TriQuint also gains access to CAP's patented radio frequency amplification technology, which is expected to replace a vacuum tube technology called traveling wave tube amplification (TWTA), used to generate high-power radio signals.