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Sorting Through the Catch

It's not often you board a boat and find it has a cooler already full of fish. And that's what's happened to me when I set foot on the FDA Trader. And since picking fish is a little like picking biotech stocks, today I am going to look at some of them and tell you which are keepers and which are tossers.

New Trade Alert: Treat Cancer… With Sunlight?

In biotech trading, getting the right timing is important. So it's a big deal that this company is going to enter Phase 3 trials this year. For the majority of drugs, that's the last scientific testing that has to be performed before it can be brought to market. Successfully demonstrating your drug works in Phase 3 trials means you can apply to the FDA for a marketing authorization -- unlocking a shot at hundreds of millions of dollars in potential revenue overnight

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for a New Trade This Week.

Last Friday, you got the news: There's been a change around here. I'm the new editor of Agora Financial's FDA Trader. My name's Ray Blanco. Some of you may already know about me. I'm the editor of a sister publication here at Agora Financial called Technology Profits Confidential, and I also contribute to Breakthrough Technology Alert and Tomorrow in Review. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to write to you about the fast-paced world of medical innovation, and I'm very excited over the profitable trades we will be seeing from investing in select companies in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical spaces.