Our New Website Is Here!
As part of our merger with St. Paul Research, we’ve created a new website that will house all of our collective content under one roof, bringing you a higher level of research and service through our analysts’ combined insight, expertise, and perspective. Go to my.stpaulresearch.com to access our new site.

What Makes Us Different

One of the most noticeable things that separates us from other companies is we’re not a vertical business. You won’t have someone sitting over your shoulder and telling you what to do. As you come up to speed and your workflow is established, you will have a lot of choice in what you tackle and how you go about your daily work.

We like chaos by design
and we’re purposeful about it.

Our non-traditional organizational structure is not from a lack of organization. We like chaos by design, and we’re purposeful about it. The way this company functions is like a bunch of alligators and cats mixing it up in the same pens together. One of the famous, famous sayings in our company is, “Ready… Fire… Aim.”

If you aren’t used to this much chaos, it can be very difficult to handle for people who want a very structured, regimented, day-to-day environment. You won’t get that here because that’s not what we’re about. However, if you embrace that chaos and you learn how to function inside it, you can make ideas into reality you never thought possible because we get to do that every single day.


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