Our People

It’s hard enough to generalize when talking about a small group, let alone a whole company, but Seven Figure Publishing employees tend to exist somewhere at the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurialism


  • Empathetic & Tough-Spirited
  • Resilient & Reflective
  • Idea-Generators & Action-Takers


  • Are comfortable with risk, you’re not afraid of failure and yet you seek success every single day…
  • Have ever felt suffocated at a company where you seem to be the only one pushing for progress…
  • Realize that big wins and big losses are just two sides of the same coin
  • Have ever been frustrated with a boss that tells you to “stay in your lane”
  • Know the phrase “not my job” has never crossed your lips
  • Are comfortable with action in the face of ambiguity and with moving forward despite a changing landscape

…then you might be just the person we’re looking for.


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