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The Bull Case for Cryptos

When bitcoin soars to a new high — which many believe it inevitably will — folks stand to make A LOT of money. Today, Ray reveals his bull case for bitcoin.

Bulletproof Tech

The U.S. / China trade war has taken a lot of scalps so far. But amid the tensions and market chop there’s still one safe harbour for your money. Tech is bulletproof. Today's Rundown shows you why, then we check in on the markets.

Bigger Than Amazon? Hidden Gains Emerge in Old-School Retail

Not all brick and mortar retail names are struggling this year. If this trend continues, we could new retail winners challenge Amazon’s gains during the third and fourth quarters. Today, Greg Guenthner enters in a new trade to take advantage of the retail hype.

The Cancer Revolution

A new cancer breakthrough could mean flawless testing moving forward. And this could open the floodgates for new biotech riches. Today Ray reveals all you need to know about this incredible breakthrough.


As Turkey continues to spiral into crisis the fear it will impact other markets has many experts on edge. Is it time to panic, and quarantine your money from Turkey? Today’s Rundown breaks it all down and shows you what to expect from Turkey’s market “pox.” Then we check in on the markets.

Profit Party in the Far East

Nothing is guaranteed in the investment business. But if you’re looking for exposure to the best economies and the stocks that fuel it I have the perfect place for your money.

Trade Prep: Can a Wave of Bad News Sink Stocks?

Overall, investors have enjoyed a strong earnings season. Despite some early missteps, tech stocks continue to power the market higher. Expectations remain elevated heading into the last few months of the year. Today, Greg Guenthner reveals your exclusive trade prep heading into the week…

Pot Boom 2.0

Midterm elections are coming and no space could benefit more than the pot industry. Today Ray breaks down what you can expect this November and why it could mean a new pot boom very soon.

Buybacks vs. The Seasonal Slump

A classic battle is shaping up. The seasonal slump in a no-holds barred brawl with this year’s buyback bonanza. Which one wins out, and how will it affect you? Find out inside...