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Your Next Wave of Tech Riches Will Come From…

Major display manufacturers are working on next level TV and display tech. Ray has all you need to know about these groundbreaking ideas, and how to grab your share of the profits. READ MORE

Better Than Tesla

New rule: No more Twitter for CEOs of public companies. Especially Elon Musk. No other way to say it: Tesla is a mess. Today, Ray reveals a much better electric vehicle play. READ MORE

“Notoriously Anti-Cannabis”

Cannabis is one of the few areas where Trump can jab his finger into Jeff Sessions' side. With bipartisan federal cannabis legislation likely coming in 2018, it's likely he'll get his chance sooner rather than later. READ MORE

Beyond Bitcoin

Tech companies our paving our way to the future. Their stocks will book folks fortunes. And one company at the forefront of blockchain tech is writing its comeback story as we speak. READ MORE

Trump’s Race With China

Trump has the knowledge to ensure America wins the technology war with China. Find out which 5G superpowers are at the forefront of innovation, and could make you rich right now. READ MORE

United States of Cannabis

Strange as it seems, Republicans are aligning with Democrats on something. It’s cannabis legalization. Which means a new, clearer path to federal legalization in the States. Buy in now or be sorry later. READ MORE

New Buy [Stem Cell Breakthrough]

Nontraditional therapies have the power to cure diseases often thought to be incurable. Today Ray reveals one of his favorites you can use to potentially score life-changing wealth. READ MORE

The Announcement That’ll Change Medicine Forever: Your Chance to Amass Millions

The way we heal disease is about to change forever. Today Ray explains why tomorrow could bring about a historic change to medical science that no one has seen before. It could make you wildly rich too. READ MORE

No More Diseases

A sit down with a biotech CEO, a medical breakthrough and an incredible announcement on Sept. 5, 2018 at 7:30 a.m. EDT. It could change the world and make you a profit at the same time. READ MORE

Tesla Fail

Tesla’s uncertain future, a company that’s a frontrunner in automotive semiconductors, and all you need to know to make big money of the electric car revolution. READ MORE

M&A’s — The New Trend In Pot Industry

There’s a new trend taking hold in pot. If you know what to look for you can supercharge your pot profits. Today Ray shows you what this trend is and how to capitalize for big money. READ MORE

Live From The Epicenter of Pot’s Future

How AI will take medical marijuana to the next level READ MORE

Ray’s Live From A Cali Pot Farm

Ray’s in California this week checking on the west coast’s booming pot farms. This morning he sent me this report, and it’s great news for your pot plays. READ MORE


Another catalyst is cresting on the horizon for U.S. pot. Specifically, November’s midterm elections. Fast movers are claiming stakes and already racking up profits. This is why you should be too. READ MORE

Big Tech Beats Mother Russia

Russian hackers are at it again trying to upend our democracy. The fallout from this will be bad. The good news is a big money market move is revealing itself. Ray tells all below. READ MORE

Never Pay for Cable Again

The secret to scoring free cable could also make you rich. No, this isn't a trick. It’s the hottest opportunity in tech. Below Ray Blanco shows you how to score big off 5G tech. READ MORE

We Tapped Ray’s Private Phone Line…

Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall of Ray’s office? Today we’re bringing you the next best thing. We tapped Ray’s private phone line (sort of) to find out the future of biotech. Transcript inside. READ MORE

The $275 Billion Wireless Race

5G is coming, and if you get in now, you may never worry about money again. Today Ray reveals three brand-new ways you can tap this amazing trend. READ MORE

The Biggest Tech Upgrade in History

No matter the market climate, the world runs on technology and will continue to. Today Ray shows you why the path to new wealth starts with these breakout tech plays. READ MORE

The Bull Case for Cryptos

When bitcoin soars to a new high — which many believe it inevitably will — folks stand to make A LOT of money. Today, Ray reveals his bull case for bitcoin. READ MORE