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Your Best Tech Trades of the Week

Political uncertainty and national security concerns… It’s the perfect recipe for cyber stock gains. Today Greg Guenthner offers up his favorite cyber plays set to explode at any moment.

Ray Blanco — “Biotech’s UNSTOPPABLE”

According to The Wall Street Journal today: “Biotech stocks are hot once again…” What an understatement! According to Ray, “biotech’s unstoppable.” Today he shows you why.

Nvidia $1,000

Driverless cars are facing a tough PR battle. But that doesn't erase the data showing this industry could be worth trillions. My bold prediction. This trend powers Nvidia to $1,000 per share.

Ray Blanco: This Is How To Beat A Trade War

Why some folks seem to prefer staying stuck in their losing positions is beyond me. Don’t be one of those folks. Instead, look to biotechs. They’re the perfect trade war repellent. Today Greg Guenthner shows you why.

Crisp, Cold, Refreshing Pot Profits

A brand new, up and coming marijuana sector is looking very tantalizing. Today, Ray reveals what this niche sector is and why it could mean cool, crisp riches for you very soon.