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U.S. Pot Gets Presidential Endorsement

Last week President Donald Trump vowed that his administration wouldn't interfere with state-legal marijuana. Today Ray shows you what this major development means for the legal cannabis market and you.

What You REALLY Need to Know About Crypto

Crypto prices are rising again. But many are convinced we’re still a long way away from seeing the insane gains booked last year. Today our own crypto expert Rich Jacobs provides an update on the state of crypto and answers your most urgent questions.

Why U.S. Pot’s Gearing Up for a Major Run

Last week, we told you about Republican efforts to legalize hemp in the Senate. This week another opponent of legalized marijuana has switched camps. Today Ray shows you what this means for U.S. pot.

April 19: This Pot Stock Could Explode

Monday we suggested adding GW Pharmaceuticals to your pot stock watch list. Today Ray takes a deeper dive into GW’s operations and shows why this stock could explode in value next week.

5G Wireless — A Perfect Opportunity For You

The proliferation of data-hungry smartphones and other devices has pushed 4G tech to its limit. Today Ray dives into the next wave in wireless technology, showing you a why it makes a perfect investing opportunity.

Two Pot Stocks Showing Explosive Growth Potential

Last Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced a new bill to legalize hemp. Today Ray shows why this is a huge step toward full legalization. Then he examines U.S. pot’s recent market action and offers two stocks with explosive profit potential.

Bitcoin: Why It Could Hit $25k by 2019!

Crypto expert Tom Lee made headlines this week claiming bitcoin could reach $91,000 by 2020. Today our own crypto expert weighs in and shows why bitcoin could hit $25,000 by the end of 2018.