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Hot Tech IPOs Take on the FANGs

Is FANG dominance stifling demand for new tech listings on the public market? Today, Greg Guenthner explains why it’s important to remain selective when picking tech trades for our portfolio…

Can Amazon Kill the Bubble-Water Bubble?

America’s new obsession with cutting sugar has crushed soft drink consumption for the better part of the past decade. But today, Greg Guenthner reveals an unlikely force that is stepping up to squash the latest healthy challenger and its bid for bubble-beverage supremacy…

McDonald’s 2.0: Rise of the Machines

The godfather of fast food has ditched its suburban Oak Park headquarters for new digs in downtown Chicago. Today, Greg Guenthner reveals why the latest changes to this fast food titan have investors interested…

Bull Market > Political Noise

While the herd was following the mainstream noise, a completely different trend was emering. Today, Greg Guenthner discusses how the bulls still have plenty of fight left in them.