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Revealed: A New Commodity Rally Has Arrived

As stocks continue to bounce off their recent lows, commodities are posting their own powerful rallies. Today, Greg Guenthner shares how one of our open positions is perfectly poised to capitalize on the latest uptrend.

Short This Stock at Your Own Risk

Sadly, some folks can’t resist the urge to bet against the market’s strongest stocks. Today, Greg Guenthner shares why, despite its continued rise, this stock continues to receive hate from the skeptics.

“Dead Mall” Stocks Are a Screaming Buy

Negative news about retail store closings is attracting a lot of attention. But today, Greg Guenthner explains why it’s downright impossible to ignore the recovery we’re seeing in many of these former retail dogs.

How to Trade the Political News Tsunami

Political poison continues to seep into the markets as stocks thrash around in a wide range to begin the trading week. Today, Greg Guenthner shares some outperforming names that could emerge as new market leaders once the dust clears.

The Simple Secret to Trading Breakouts

If you want to be successful, you have to ignore the distracting political storyline. Today, Greg Guenthner reveals the secret sauce behind the short-term momentum moves we use to supplement our longer-term plays.