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Taxing Decisions

Retail’s not rebounded to pre-Recession highs regardless of low unemployment and tax cuts. Read about the trend that’s changed the U.S. consumer for good. READ MORE

When Numbers (Sorta) Lie

Domestic migration in the U.S. has been all about finding tax havens since 2010. The new tax code won’t be putting the breaks on this trend anytime soon. READ MORE

Tech Theft and U.S. Jobs

Unemployment’s at rates not seen in the U.S. in almost two decades. Why that’s not necessarily good news... READ MORE

Apple’s Guts

Apple implies Trump’s trade war with China is more about technology than trade. And we take a closer look at Apple’s next-generation chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. READ MORE

Marijuana Field Tests

Apple is scheduled to unveil its new iPhone today. If it comes with eSIM technology, it’ll put mobile service providers on notice. READ MORE

Tornado vs. Hurricane

Here’s a trade that banks on a mainstay home-improvement stock and Hurricane Florence...and it has everything to do with size. READ MORE

Public Anonymity?

The identity of the anonymous op-ed is inconsequential; the real problem is the Deep State. And American farmers are the caught in the trade-war crossfire. READ MORE

Hidden (Fees) in Plain Sight

We explore the origins of the government-concocted myth of “reefer madness” and we put mutual fund and ETF investors on notice -- beware the cost of doing business. READ MORE

Political Discourse and A White House Mole

A reader takes on the disintegration of political discourse in America and we take a closer look at the North American Marijuana Index, up 54% in less than a month. READ MORE

Jeff “Just Say No” Sessions

A reader weighs in on the timeframe for marijuana legalization at the federal level. And we take on the most recent emerging markets freak-out with three surprisingly stable global markets. READ MORE

Dick’s, Under Armour and Gun Control

More reader mail takes on the validity of a sin tax on marijuana and we take a look at Dick’s Sporting Goods as a solid buy for value investors. READ MORE

A Stalled Housing Market and Marijuana “Tax Addicts”

One housing market’s stalled out but the economy seems to be heating up in the Midwest. One reader takes on the “tax addicts” in D.C. But Trump’s not one of them. Ahead of the 2020 election, he wants to cut more taxes. READ MORE

Watch Out Walmart, Here Comes Dollar General

Today’s Rundown reviews reader feedback on the state of the housing market. Then we take a look at Dollar General’s earnings report yesterday and check in on the markets this morning. READ MORE

Las Vegas, We Have a Problem

Today’s Rundown examines rising personal debt in Nevada and looks at the state’s potentially overheated housing market. Then we check in on the markets this morning. READ MORE

Canada, Please Respond

Today’s Rundown reviews reader response on marijuana policy, unpacks the latest NAFTA news, and then checks in on the markets this morning. READ MORE

How to Talk About Marijuana

Today’s Rundown reviews recent reader feedback on marijuana and weighs in on the debate over marijuana as medicine. Then we compare Intel to AMD and look in on the markets this morning. READ MORE

Another First For America

Wednesday, we set the record for longest bull run in U.S. history. Then this Thursday, we learned the U.S. has achieved another monumental feat and the implications are world changing. Today’s Rundown breaks down all you need to know about the U.S.’s new-found energy dominance. Then we check in on the markets. READ MORE

Huge Shock This November

Over two months out and we already have to talk about it. This year’s midterms are hugely important. But the most important aspect is not what you think it is.Today’s Rundown shows you marijuana measures make this year’s midterms so important. Then we check in on the markets. READ MORE


The fallout from Paul Manafort’s and Michael Cohen’s guilty verdicts are sweeping the nation. But these verdicts should have no bearing on the market. That’s why today’s Rundown cuts through the noise to show you one sector that’s rising from the grave and paying out big. Then we check in on the markets. READ MORE

Trump Vs. The Fed

Wisdom is the key to great leadership. You can be a strong leader, and at the same time be an unwise leader. Trump is showing signs of the latter everytime he battles the Fed. Today’s Rundown shows you why Trump needs to let this fight go, for the good of the economy. Then we check in on the markets. READ MORE