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China Vs. Trump

Today’s Rundown examines the escalating “trade war” talk in the news and takes a look at yesterday’s decline in the Dow. After we review the fallout, we take a look at the markets this morning.

“Big Brother” Facebook

Today’s Rundown dissects Facebook’s latest data management debacle. It’s a story you might expect from a Hollywood screenwriter. Today we look at what went wrong. Then we check in on the markets this morning.

March 29 – Important Date for “Trump Bonus Checks”

Today’s Rundown examines a potential Qualcomm buyout by “several global investors” that could mark the beginning of a heated battle between major chip makers. Has Intel been put on notice? Today we look at this potential new deal. Then we check in on the markets.

Trump “Saves” Qualcomm

Today’s Rundown looks at the White House’s intervention in Broadcom’s proposed acquisition of Qualcomm. It’s great example of Trump’s “America First” mantra, and we uncover what it means to you. Then we check in on the market this morning

Martin Shkreli Gets Seven Years, Is That Enough?

"Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli was sentenced Friday to 7 years in prison for defrauding investors. Was justice served? Because when you look at healthcare as a whole, this victory doesn't seem like it will change much at all. Today's Rundown examines.

Cigna Buys Express Scripts – The Details

Today’s Rundown looks at Cigna’s deal to acquire prescription benefit management company Express Scripts. The deal’s part of the growing trend of health care consolidation. Today we take a look at what you can expect next. Then we check in on the markets this morning.

Spotify Rolls the Dice With Direct Listing on NYSE

Today’s Rundown examines the direct public listing plans of music streaming giant Spotify Ltd. Spotify’s making headlines because of their unconventional IPO plans announced last week. Today we take a look at the company and its future. Then we check in on the markets this morning.

Bill Ackman’s $1 Billion Mistake

Today's Rundown takes a look at a story five years in the making. Bill Ackman's short campaign against Herbalife is over. He's down $1 billion. It's a story with a hard lesson and we uncover what exactly went wrong. Then we check in on the markets this morning.