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Ray Blanco Profit Today From Bleeding-Edge Technology and Innovation
Consider Technology Profits Daily the blueprint to your future. Every day the market is open, Ray Blanco will show you the most important technology story of the day, and how you can take advantage of it. Ray started in finance as an IT expert at a hedge fund, but has the unique talent of making complicated concepts simple to understand. Ray will go anywhere, anytime to find his readers a profitable story. Case in point – Ray raised a lot of eyebrows when he called the legal cannabis boom in 2016. Today he’s one of the United States’ top cannabis experts.

Kenny Polcari Inside the Mind of a Trading Pro
You’ll find Kenny Polcari on CNBC’s The Halftime Report, Power Lunch, and Closing Bell on almost any given day. He’s been featured in Bloomberg, Fox, and ABC to name just a few. Kenny started his career on the NYSE in 1980, where he saw world-changing events like the great bull market of the mid 80s, “Black Monday,” the tech boom and bust, and was even on the trading floor the morning of September 11, 2001. Now, you can hear his first word every day the market is open. Whether the market is going up, down or sideways , there’s always a trend you can profit from. There’s no one more qualified to show you how than Kenny Polcari. His Morning Thoughts shows you the trend of the day and what to do about it. But Kenny’s more than a professional trader – He’s also world-class chef! He’ll give you one of his personal recipes to round out your breakfast each morning.

Aaron Gentzler News You Can Act On… And Nothing Else
The Rundown is a no-holds-barred outlet you can turn to when you want news you can act on... and nothing else. The Rundown is succinct. It won’t take more than three minutes to read. You’ll walk away with an unbiased view of the world around you, including how it impacts your future, your financial freedom and your well-being. It’s direct and not always pretty. But it’s a straight look at the market and the forces that impact you the most... for better or worse. It’s news you can act on, and nothing else.