Navigating Volatility and Trading Options with Edgar Radjabli

It’s hard to invest confidently in volatile markets. And that’s especially true when talking about options. Today, Edgar Radjabli discusses his career as a world class options investor, how he’s able effectively navigate volatile markets and deliver outsized gains in practically any market. As Managing Partner of Apis Capital, Dr. Edgar Radjabli directs the overall investment strategy of the firm, including its flagship artificial intelligence powered long/short volatility hedge fund, the ACM Market Neutral Volatility Strategy Fund.

Previously, as Director of Total Equity Capital, a Baltimore-based venture capital firm, he led the medical technology investment division, focusing on ground-breaking technologies in medical imaging, diagnosis and devices.

He has 15 years of trading experience and holds a Series 3 Futures License from the CFTC/NFA. You can learn more about Apis Capital at