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The Next Leap Forward for Biotechnology with Marissa Fayer

Major advancements in the tech and biotech sectors happen every day. And while most people only hear about the biggest stories to hit the market, there’s a ton of amazing things happening behind the scenes to make these life-changing tech advancements a reality. And Marissa Fayer is one of the people on the front-lines of these cutting edge biotech stories. Today, she sits down to discuss how the industry is changing, what to expect from this sector going forward and some of the most exciting tech stories she’s working on that almost no one else is talking about.

Marissa Fayer is an 18-year medtech executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is the CEO and founder of non-profit HERHealthEQ, and the president of consulting firm Fayer Consulting.

As an investor in biotech and life science technology, she has started to focus more in the developing world, which is an often forgotten about area of investment.

Her mission is health equity for women as well as advancing growth and prosperity for organizations and the communities in which they operate by increasing efficiency, raising capital, and enhancing partnerships.

Marissa has been listed as one of the Wonder Women in Medtech in 2017 and has spoken at the MPO Summit, the World Alliance Forum, DeviceTalks Boston, and for several Top 500 companies. She has also appeared in several online and print publications such as MPO magazine, Women in Medtech series, and TheStreet.com. Marissa leads the #wealththroughhealth movement and is dedicated to health equity for women around the world.

Marissa lives in New York City and can be found at www.MarissaFayer.com.