Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Trader

Editor Ray Blanco

Ray Blanco's Catalyst Trader looks into tech’s biggest events and turn them into your next big profit opportunities. He’ll go on site visits, interview CEOs… he’ll dive in head first and get the answers you need to be able to take immediate action. When Ray is satisfied he has the best potentially profitable opportunity, he’ll send you all his research and give you specific instructions on exactly what you need to do to act.

Breakthrough Technology Alert

Transformational Wealth From Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs

Editor Ray Blanco

This is the best time to be investing in world-changing technologies, as unprecedented innovations are taking off right now... Breakthrough Technology Alert will always continue to tirelessly research these exciting new breakthrough technologies to keep you well informed, outline specific opportunities, and keep you ahead of the game.

Future Wealth

Building Wealth Through the Science of Futurism

Game-changing technologies always follow the same “Breakthrough Path”… Future Wealth shows you how to capitalize on them.

Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader

Making Fast Wealth From Better Health

Editor Ray Blanco

Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader focuses on medical tech stocks with prices that move based on triggers generally unknown to the market. It is designed to alert you to breakout moves in the medical markets that could ultimately drive huge stock market gains. It’s the single best way to connect the dots that link today's dynamic, innovative medical market.

Ray Blanco’s VIP Tech Advantage

First-Look Access to Everything Ray Blanco Has Ever Written

Editor Ray Blanco

Imagine having first-look access to everything Ray Blanco has ever written for Seven Figure Publishing… and, more importantly, all the top-notch analysis he lends on technology trends that are driving the markets… and making investors very rich. That’s what you’ll receive as part of Ray Blanco’s VIP Tech Advantage. It’s a special membership level giving...

Seven Figure Prime

First-Look Access and Top-Notch Analysis

Imagine having first-look access to some of the greatest minds at Seven Figure Publishing… and, more importantly, top-notch analysis they lend on trends that are driving the markets… and making investors very rich. That’s the “insider access” you’ll receive as part of Seven Figure Prime. This membership offers first-look access to ALL of the recommendations!

Seven Figure Signals

Turning Hidden Market Intelligence Into Huge Gains

In Seven Figure Signals — with the help of a computerized trading system — we can skim through that wealth of information and pinpoint which stocks are on the move. In early testing, this strategy was 100 times more lucrative than investing in the S&P 500. The best part is whether the market is going up or down, you can use this system to bank consistent gains.

Technology Profits Confidential

Profit Today From Bleeding-Edge Technology and Innovation

Editor Ray Blanco

With new technologies in mobile computing, biotechnology and 3-D printing, it's nearly impossible to keep up with the throngs of new innovation and still be able to forecast which companies are set to profit. Technology Profits Confidential is your one-stop shop for the companies of tomorrow's technology... and how you can profit from them.

The Weekly Fortune Alliance

Join us every morning the markets are open to see how Greg Guenthner tracks down the strongest breakouts in real time. In The Weekly Fortune Alliance trading room you'll receive hard-hitting market commentary coupled with daily actionable investment ideas.

Technology Profits Confidential Pro

Editor Ray Blanco

If you’re familiar with Technology Profits Confidential, you’ll know that we deliver the best cutting-edge picks every month. We cover the latest developments around the tech world and show you how to profit from them.  (If you aren’t familiar with Technology Profits Confidential, click here to learn more.) Technology Profits Confidential Pro is the next...